Exploring Apple Cider Vinegar – An Amazing Fermented Health Food

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After my initial success of feeling my digestion improve greatly within a week of starting the Apple Cider Vinegar (a fermented food), I began researching Apple Cider Vinegar in earnest, doing some muscle testing on my body, and downloading books on the topic. Then I really got excited. Here's what I discovered!

Muscle Testing Results with Apple Cider Vinegar

As we muscle tested each other (Mark and Patti Virkler) on the benefits of apple cider vinegar, our bodies told us that Bragg’s organic, raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized, naturally gluten free Apple Cider Vinegar would do wonders for our body if we took one tablespoon a couple minutes before each meal as well as morning and evening. We did ask about taking it 30 minutes before a meal, and our bodies both said, no, but that immediately before the meal was better.

MRT informed us that apple cider vinegar would aid in digestion in both our stomachs and our small intestines. It would nurture healthy probiotics in the colon (since it is a fermented product), lower cholesterol and blood pressure, strengthen the heart, increase our pH and promote overall health. I was told that I would no longer need to take the 11 digestive pills I was taking with each meal if I took the apple cider vinegar instead. So off we go to experiment and see what we can learn by life speaking back to us as we try new things out!

Note: It is now 30 days later and what MRT was telling us was indeed true. I have cut back to 2 digestive enzymes and two probiotics per meal, and I can actually eat a meal without taking those pills, and my body does not react negatively to the food. However I am continuing to take them as my goal is maximum digestion!

Sweetening the Taste of Apple Cider Vinegar: Patti said she had never used it before because she did not like the taste, and it never occurred to her to do what I instinctively did, which was to squirt some liquid stevia into the cup of water with the tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in it. The stevia made it taste fine. It’s so nice that I can occasionally be of some help in the kitchen! My son and daughter-in-law have begun taking apple cider vinegar also. They mix it with local honey (which is an excellent anti-allergen) and if you mix apple cider vinegar with honey in a cup of hot water, then you have a cup of great tasting tea, which I have come to love. Don't microwave the water, heat it in a pan or teapot, and only until warm. Temperatures over 112 kill the healthy enzymes destroying the benefit of your drink. Then add the apple cider vinegar and honey once the water is warm.) So I take the warm tea with honey in the morning and evenings and before meals, I consume Apple Cider Vinegar and Stevia in cold water. 

One study showed a 19% decrease in blood sugar levels when consuming 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar after a high carbohydrate meal.

Another study in which participants consumed 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before bed resulted in their morning fasting blood sugar levels decreasing by 4%.

Mercola Introduces the Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

I suggest you begin by reading carefully Dr. Mercola's short review of apple cider vinegar, which has been viewed by 700,000 people. And then to get blessed, read some of the 300 comments after the article as people tell how they have used apple cider vinegar to heal all sorts of things.

  • Mercola notes that studies show apple cider vinegar can cut blood glucose concentrations by nearly half.
  • In 2006, one study showed that vinegar could lower cholesterol in laboratory rats. Another study on rats found their blood pressure could be lowered by the acetic acid in vinegar.
  • One thing that apple cider vinegar is high in is acetic acid. Like other acids, acetic acid can increase your body’s absorption of important minerals from the foods you eat. Therefore, it is possible that drinking a mild tonic of vinegar and water just before meals might improve your body’s ability to absorb the essential minerals locked in foods. Apple cider vinegar might help you get more out of your leafy greens!
  • Weight loss: Participants taking two - three teaspoons of vinegar prior to two meals per day lost an average of two pounds over the four-week period, and some lost up to four pounds. The pH changes it induces may contribute to some of its actions.
  • Apple cider vinegar is highly acidic. The main ingredient is acetic acid, which is quite harsh. You should always dilute it with water or juice before swallowing.
  • Role in disease: When there is a low amount of gastric acid in the stomach, bacteria is not killed as it is supposed to be and there is greater risk of infections of the digestive tract. When there is a high amount of gastric acid in the stomach, it can cause gastric ulcers.
  • Functional Health Properties of Vinegar by Mercola

Fermented Foods Are Incredibly Healthy for Digestion

Since apple cider vinegar is a fermented food (actually it has experienced double fermentation), I decided I should educate myself about fermented foods. Do fermented foods provide health benefits? The answer is a resounding YES!

This blog, The Health Benefits of Naturally Fermented Foods, lists the following benefits of fermented food: an excellent source of probiotics, increases the nutritional value within the food, makes the food more digestible and safer than raw vegetables. You really would enjoy checking out her wonderful recipes and suggestions for how to ferment foods.

Probiotics and their fermented food products are beneficial for health

The following abstract is copied from this website. Probiotics are usually defined as microbial food supplements with beneficial effects on the consumers. Most probiotics fall into the group of organisms’ known as lactic acid-producing bacteria and are normally consumed in the form of yogurt, fermented milks or other fermented foods. Some of the beneficial effect of lactic acid bacteria consumption include: (i) improving intestinal tract health; (ii) enhancing the immune system, synthesizing and enhancing the bioavailability of nutrients; (iii) reducing symptoms of lactose intolerance, decreasing the prevalence of allergy in susceptible individuals; and (iv) reducing risk of certain cancers.

The mechanisms by which probiotics exert their effects are largely unknown, but may involve modifying gut pH, antagonizing pathogens through production of antimicrobial compounds, competing for pathogen binding and receptor sites as well as for available nutrients and growth factors, stimulating immunomodulatory cells, and producing lactase. Selection criteria, efficacy, food and supplement sources and safety issues around probiotics are reviewed. Recent scientific investigation has supported the important role of probiotics as a part of a healthy diet for humans as well as for animals and may be an avenue to provide a safe, cost effective, and ‘natural’ approach that adds a barrier against microbial infection. This paper presents a review of probiotics in health maintenance and disease prevention.

So far we have incorporated two fermented foods to heal our digestion and intestines

They are 1)  Bragg’s organic, raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized, naturally gluten free Apple Cider Vinegar and 2) Greek Yogurt (All Natural Greek Yogurt from FAGE) with live cultures – it must be unpasteurized and have no added sugars or artificial anything, and if you prefer, it can be low fat. Mix with stevia and berries and nuts and shredded coconut to enhance its taste and healing value.

My digestive health is greatly improved and I am getting off most of the digestive enzymes and probiotics I had needed to take with each meal. I am absolutely thrilled with the discovery of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar and fermented foods in general. I consider this a big step forward for me, for my health and my longevity. I encourage you to explore and experiment and see what your body says to you.

To learn more: APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: Miracle Health System ebook by Paul Bragg (Only 99 cents)

What About the Accusation That the Use of Vinegar Might be “New Age”

God expects a person who serves Him to become whole; Mind, body and spirit. Jesus commanded us to be holy as He is holy. (Matthew 5:48) We were created in the image of God. (Genesis 1: 26-27) We were perfect and whole, but the fall of man changed all this. Jesus, through His birth, life, death and resurrection restored us.  We are called to respect our created beings. We are called to do whatever we can to keep ourselves holy and pure.  This includes taking care of our health.

The use of vinegar is anything but “New Age”. When Jesus was hanging on the cross, He was offered a drink of vinegar, gall and myrrh. This combination in the days of our Lord was known as a pain killer. Vinegar today is known for its disinfecting properties, its cleaning ability and taken internally for its healing specifically of stomach and intestinal issues, not to mention the age old remedy for yeast infections.  If a person thinks the use of vinegar is somehow “New Age” they simply have not taken time to research for themselves.  

As far as MRT (Muscle Response Testing), I tested this for myself and found that it does in fact have validity. Our bodies will tell us exactly what they do and do not need for survival.

I would like to take this to a very basic level for understanding. Many illnesses and diseases are brought about because a person does not have a Godly image of themselves.

What is triggered or pictured in the mind, the body will do its best to create. For example: If I am hungry, perhaps I have gone all day without much food. I have been working hard, and I pose the question to myself “I am hungry, what do I want to eat?” I might then think about a large glass of ice water with lemon and a juicy hamburger.

What has actually just happened is, my body needs the carbohydrates for energy replacement, and the proteins to be broken down into amino acids to rebuild and sustain the molecular structure of my body.  My response to this thought directs me to satisfy this craving. It is not just a craving, my body has just told my mind what I need, and carbohydrates, protein and water; because due to the work I have been doing, I have just used up a portion of these essential survival requirements.

Basically, no matter what you may fear about Muscle Response Testing, on some level, we are all utilizing this system many times each day.

Dr. Joel N Trenkle D.Min.

Pastor at Dayspring Mission

 Sheridan, Montana

Digestive Health Series:

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apple cider vinegar and instestinal bacteria

Since (organic) apple cider vinegar is fermented, it should absolutely NOT be used if one has an intestinal candida overgrowth as the yeast feeds on fermentation and multiplies, causing more problems. No fermented foods should be consumed with a candida overgrowth.

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apple cider vinegar

I was on acid reflux pills and these were not helping me at all. I would still have attack of bile coming up and I would be vomiting secretions. my acid reflux was so bad that I would have my blood pressure rising so high I had to go to the health center. there they would give me more medication which worked for a few hours and the bile would come back again.

yesterday I started on the apple cider vinegar regime..within a few hours my acid reflux attacks stopped...I was feeling normal after years of suffering...I will keep using it as it seems to be the only thing that is working...

thankful a friend sent me this site..

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apple cider vinegar and instestinal bacteria

This is incorrect. These are good bacteria for the intestine and will overcome the bad bacteria!

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You are 100% correct!

You are 100% correct!

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intestinal bacteria and apple cider vinegar

Would love to know how to determine this and seeing that the majority of people in the world suffer from candida overgrowth, nobody should be able to eat fermented veggies either? Would love a response.

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Fermented drinks and websites.

Dear Mark and Patti, thank you for this blog, we will get some apple cider vinegar as well.

My family and I also drink Chaga which is a beverage made from the Chaga mushroom. It has many properties as a super nutrient and even claims to cure cancer.
You can see the info about it at www.chagamountain.com

It is a highly nutritious nutrient drink and I encourage you to research it. The anti oxident level is higher than any other food on the planet, but it only grows north of the 45th parallel. We harvest our Chaga here in Muskoka from local birch trees.

We also make our own Kombucha which is a fermented tea drink. Also we make milk Kefir to drink. Our Kefir is made with goats milk. It is ridiculously easy to make...add the Kefir grains and leave it for 24 to 48 hours...and voila fermentation.Both are probiotic fermented drinks.
www.culturesforhealth.com sells kits for all of the above except the Chaga , they have tutorials and even sell cheese starter kits for the keeners like me.
Hope this info is useful to you and welcome to the world of fermentation!!
Oh yes I grow my own Scoby's to make the Kombucha but it can be bought ready made in all its sparkling goodness at most health food stores also.


Liz kiessling

Www.chagamountain.comFermented drinks