What Makes Christian Leadership University Unique - Students Speak Out

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Pastor Ernie Jones – Master of Divinity Student with CLU

My comparison of CLU’s curriculum to courses I have taken from four other online colleges:

  • CLU has the most clear and easily followed course instructions I have seen. 
  • CLU training is streamlined and to the point with excellent personal application.
  • Instructor feedback has been immediate.

I am really enjoying my studies and I am learning a great deal.  As I teach this material after studying it, it has been a great benefit to my church, while deepening the message within me.  Your courses are so well designed I can apply the material into sermons as well as Sunday night Bible studies. I have recommended these books to people in my church and my wife is even teaching from them in her women’s group. For me, this has become an excellent combination of study and then teaching what I have learned. I have discovered things about seeking God that I did not know existed. Thank you.