What Helped Bill Johnson Move Into a Greater Healing Ministry?

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While attending the Voice of the Apostles Conference in Orlando last week, I was blessed to have breakfast with Bill Johnson, senior pastor of Bethel Church, a mega-church in Redding, California where amazing miracles and healings take place weekly. My goal was to get acquainted and become friends, and I discovered Bill had been influenced by our Communion With God book way back in the mid 1980’s.

One question I asked Bill was about the three-night electrifying experience he had with the Holy Spirit that he mentioned in his fabulous book Hosting the Presence. I asked if that resulted in “more miracles” in his ministry. His response was a prophetic word to me. He said the things that resulted in an expanded healing ministry for him were: 1) not waiting for the sick to come to him but instead, him looking for the sick to whom he could minister healing, and 2) a growth in faith, where he began to seek God for prophetic words of those He wanted to heal.

During the week, Randy Clark taught on the power of these prophetic words to spark faith and increase healing. When you call out a condition or a name of someone that God wants to heal, it lets that person know that God loves them, is concerned about their condition, and is reaching out to them with His compassionate love. This builds their faith. They are then asked to respond in faith by standing up and trying to do something they could not previously do. This is now them stepping toward God in faith, believing for their personal miracle. The power of God meets them as they step forth in faith, and miracles happen.

Wow! So I believe the above is calling me to action: To seek out those in need of healing, and to seek the Lord for a word of knowledge concerning them. Let's not forget that words of knowledge and prophecy are quite simple. You ask God to give you a word of knowledge or a prophecy for the person, or the group, and then you tune to flow and write down what comes to you - just like you are already doing in personal two-way journaling.

So I am purposing to act on the above, and just wanted to pass these gems on to you.

I asked Bill if he had good stuff written that he would recommend on healing, and he suggested two books, both co-authored by him and Randy Clark, The Essential Guide to Healing and Healing Unplugged, which I am now going to work through. Won't you join me in extending the Kingdom of God on earth by touching the sick with the healing power of Jesus Christ?

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Vision at VOA

During the worship the first night of VOA before Bill spoke I remembered what you said we can focus on during worship, ( the words on the screen, the back of the persons neck in front of you or what is going on around the throne of God.) I thought, I will choose the latter. When I made this choice I saw cracks in the throne room floor with glory light touching earth, the more we praised and worshiped God the wider the cracks would become and more glory light would reach the earth. The light would not diminish in the throne room even though the cracks were wider but the light would intensify as we went deeper into worship. This was an awesome experience for me just applying one of Dr. Marks principles, Thank You. I spoke of this with Dr. Mark in the book store at VOA, hope I put it in the right place.

Richard Cinaglia -- A 70 year old believer from Boyertown Pennsylvania

Still learning

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Worship Releases His Presence and His Power

Richard, Perfect. That is exactly what we are to be doing. Seeing the spiritual realities which are taking place. You got it. Keep doing it. Spread the word so others will do it also.