My Trip to Heaven by Julia Lynne Parker

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“I have learned so much and have come so far in my communion with the Lord through journaling that I have even gotten visions from the Lord by entering the throne room!  Now that is totally amazing to me and I know that's not all God wants to do.  Taking your classes has revolutionized my heart and life so much that I will never be the same and that I will not stay the same today that I was yesterday (I am currently 66). Journaling to "Hear God's Voice" has been one awesome, ongoing, strengthening, going from Glory to Glory IN Jesus experience.  I just want to say "THANK YOU" Mark and Patti. My life is more blessed and more fulfilled through what God has given you.

My Trip to Heaven! Julia Lynne Parker - Journaling on April 2, 2013

I hear Jesus say, “Are you coming, daughter?" as He holds out His beautiful nail-scarred hand to me. He is standing at the bottom of the Glory Stairs.  I say yes, and I take His hand and we begin the climb towards the Throne Room of God where Daddy God is waiting to give further instructions for the day and for the paths ahead.  I have a flowing white silky dress like the one I wore at Body of Christ Fellowship.  I twirl around with Jesus dancing and smiling at Him.  He is so handsome and so in love with me.  I enjoy His embrace and His tender voice.  He loves to dance with me.  He laughs as He throws back His awesome head.  He begins to speak to me and He says, “You, My Dear Julia, are part of My Holy Spirit Dance Team! You have amazing ability IN the dance because I AM dancing IN you, My Lovely Daughter.  Each step that you make is My step IN you.  Be assured that you will not be considered crazy because You are being refined IN My Presence through the Holy Spirit who is moving IN you!"  I respond with a thankful heart saying, “Thank You so much, Jesus!  I Love You!”  He smiles at me and then twirls me around and around something like Wes does when he dances with me.  Jesus says, “Come, Julia, come and see what I have made for you this time."  We walk over to a huge treasure box that is sitting near the Throne where Daddy God is sitting.  Jesus pulls out a huge sword.  The words on it say, “The Sword of the Lord.”  Jesus speaks, “I want you to use this sword to bring defeat to the darkness that wants to bog you down and keep you from moving by My Spirit."  He takes it in both hands and hands it to me.  It is gleaming and bright; it has a golden handle with a silver blade.  It is huge and it is glorious.  There are many words written on it.  It's like the whole Bible is written on it.  Jesus leads me over to Daddy God and I bow down before Him and He kisses the top of my head.  I have the sword in both of my hands and I give it to Daddy God to bless it.  He takes it and lightly touches the top of my head and says, “Daughter, I knight you with tremendous power and love for those who are in darkness and who are unable to get free.  I anoint you with My Powerful Love to get them out of the traps they have found themselves in.  You will take the Good News to the city of Danville and the cities of Illinois and Iowa and Indiana as well.  The sword that I AM giving you is My illumination and revelation of My Word for you."  The sword becomes a small Bible that I place in my pocket.  And yet I still see the sword and it is with Me because I carry the presence of Jesus.  He is the Word.  I leave blessed and I leave refreshed and I leave sensing that just ahead is a blessing for me and for my husband and for my children.  Daddy God takes my hand and kisses it.  He is speaking to me now, “Julia My Daughter of Grace, I have given you this day a blessed sword one that will never tarnish or fade away.  What you speak to others will never tarnish or fade as you speak My words of comfort, My Words of Cheer and Blessing.  As you speak My Words of correction.  I AM releasing you to speak the Words that I place IN your spirit and IN your mouth.”  I say to Him, “Daddy God, I receive your words and I receive Your anointing and I receive this Sword of the Lord.  I thank You and I bless You, MY GOD." I place the Sword of the Lord IN my heart and the small Bible.  I say, “Your Word, Lord, I am hiding IN my heart that I might not sin against You.  Your Word is a light unto My path and a lamp unto my feet. Thanks!"  Jesus puts a ring on my finger!  Oh My, it is so gorgeous!  It's a huge diamond that is sparkling and gleaming in the Son of God!  He speaks, “We are engaged and one day we will be married along with all the others in the MY Body!!  Don't delay but keep coming to Me each day with Your heart full of love for Me and even if you don't I'm still waiting here for you and I will still love you.”  I say, “Thank You, Lord, for these treasures from the Throne Room.”  He says, “Let's go quietly and reverantly down the Glory Stairs to begin this journey to Mozambique!  You will be ready and you will be blessed.  I have ordained it for you.  This is your time, this is your hour.  This is your day!  Rejoice IN Me, MY Daughter.”  We step down the Glory Stairs with joy and peace resonating from my heart towards JESUS!!  He is such a Gentleman.  He tenderly helps me down the stairs and I enjoy His flowing words and flowing presence.  He's amazingly wonderful.  As we take the last step, He pulls me gently to Himself and kisses the top of my head and says, “Keep coming to Me, Keep sitting at My feet, Keep reading My Word, Keep blessing others with My Spirit IN you, Dear Julia.  Keep walking IN the light as I AM IN the Light and continue having fellowship with one another."  He hands me a bouquet of tulips, red, purple, pink, white, peach, and brown.  They are so beautiful and I hug Him tightly and I say thanks for such a wonderful time in the Throne Room dancing, laughing, visiting with Daddy God and especially thanks for the SWORD of the Lord and the stamp of approval.  Thanks for the engagement ring!  Thanks for all that YOU are for me!!  I Love You!!  He ascends the stairs but the Holy Spirit continues with me.  I Love You, Holy Spirit; thanks for staying by my side.  I throw a kiss to Jesus and He throws one back as He climbs the stairs of Glory.  


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Formidable ,I wood like to know if you publish you testimony in YOU TUBE . I like to know more about your walking with the Lord ,if is possible.

Thank you , Melanie Davis

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Hello Melanie,

I am very thankful for your inquiry about my entry on Mark Virkler's Communion With God web site. To answer your question about publishing my testimony on You Tube, no I do not publish on You Tube.

Actually Melanie, that was my very first time to ever publish any vision that I have had. I am just beginning this journey with visions. I have had other visions and plan to continue allowing the Lord Jesus lead me to the throne room and experience His awesome prophetic work in my life. Not to long after I had that vision I did go to Mozambique and I did have an awesome time with the people there. In fact it was an OVER THE TOP experience there at Iris Ministries in Pemba, Mozambique. The people were wonderful. They were so hospitable and so loving. I would love to return some day.

If you take some of the courses offered by "Christian Leadership University" online, you can learn to journal and have those visions too! I pray God's best for you and His wonderful love to fill your heart by His Holy Spirit.

Do you know Jesus? Are you filled with His Spirit? Do you have a church and regularly attend? Do you pray and read your Bible? I would love to share more with you. If you would send me your e-mail, I could share more readily with you.

Blessings, Peace, Joy, and Love In Jesus Name,
Julia Parker

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my trip to heaven

Hi Julia, I am so glad that you had that experience, I have been trying to teach Christians to do this for years, and they seem to think I am crazy, I go to the throne room often, Jesus has given me many gifts, we have danced together, and Daddy has prophesied over me. You should try and go and lie in the river that flows out of the throne of God, the water is different to the water we have here, crystal clear with flecks of gold, and the stones in the water are precious stones, like rubies etc. I go there when I am very tired and just relax and get refreshed. Often Jesus is sitting on a stone waiting for me when I come out. Amazing experiences, He also waits for me at the top of the stairs, and says, welcome my daughter. Often He shows me things which is pertinent to my assignment. I have also been in the library and seen the book of my ministry, it is called Seeker - and Jesus said it means "seeker of the truth" truly amazing experience, keep on going you will build up such a close relationship with the Lord. Bless you my friend. thanks for sharing.

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want to communicate with you...

Hi Catharina,

Is it possible to communicate with you? my email address [email protected]

Thanks, and Shalom be with you.


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You are the one who inspired me dear!! I love being able to read your devotions you send to me. I am blessed because I know you and have you as a very dear friend. You are a blessing!

Also, Dr. Mark Virkler and Pattie actually fueled the journaling fire within me to a greater dimension, when I took the "Communion With God" course online with Christian Leadership University . I am so thankful to all of you! Of course I know the Lord is the one who ignited it in me to begin with by His precious Holy Spirit.

I know people must think I am crazy too, but I know that I could never in a million years make my trip to heaven up. Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Daddy God were all orchestrating this trip to heaven and to Mozambique! I have had other trips to heaven which I journaled, but this one seemed to be the one that told it like I wanted for my Mozambique Practicum assignment with Christian Leadership University.

Thanks Dear Catharina! Thanks Dr. Mark and Pattie!


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Julia in heaven

how do you invite Jesus to take you to heaven. I would love to go to heaven and come back and testify, please help if you can.

Dr Kinini Julia Mathews
Maseru Lesotho in Southern Africa

Email: [email protected]
please email me your answer

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Let Him Lead

I think your goal is to come to Jesus and ask Him to Lead. He knows what is best for you. If you want a devotional which takes you into the heavenlies, start your prayer time out by picturing what the Bible declares about you, that you are seated with Christ in heavenly places. Tune to flow and let the Spirit guide.