The Bible Comes Alive!

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Living truth! Revelation-based, prophetic truth is what we are after and what we all hunger for. Well, Nora Flavin and her group have found it. Read her inspiring testimony below.

"We are on our 2nd year of your Through the Bible training series. We have been blessed beyond what we expected as we are not just learning information but are being transformed as we "see" Jesus and discover what God is saying by hearing His voice weekly.

"This study is a relationship building process with God and with each other. Since the study encourages Bible memory of verses which are relevant to our lives, these verses become PROPHETIC and filled with power as we share testimonies and use them as a sword. Thank You!"

Nora Flavin

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Rather than rushing through the Bible, we slow it down and take two years to go through it, allowing God to speak to us from every page of Scripture. Two years from now, you and your group could be in the top 2% of people in the world when it comes to Bible knowledge! 

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