"All Enemies Are Defeated in This Simple Truth..." by Marc Snyder

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As I read through the book Naturally Supernatural I was also compelled to read through Ephesians and Colossians with fresh eyes, looking for a deepening of this revelation of Christ in me the hope of glory. 

I simply asked the Lord, “What would You like to speak to me concerning these two books of the Bible?”

“Marc, the whole picture of the New Covenant is you being in Christ.  As you, and all believers, function fully as that and out of that reality - the fullness of Me is manifested (manifold wisdom of God made known).  You are literally in Christ - you were born again, made new there, you truly exist there.  The new man, new Marc, Christ Marc exists in Christ in perfection.

"Oh, and Christ is in you - in other words you are now one in the same.  Just as Jesus was in Me, and I in Him.  This is a profound mystery, one of which many do not fully believe.  This is yours and My inheritance - the reality and fullness of this Truth experienced!!!  I love you, My son!  I cannot deny you, for I cannot deny Christ and you are in Him, and He in you!  All enemies of yourself - yourself, the world, and satan - are defeated in this simple yet very profound truth being experienced through faith!”

“Do everything in Christ or in your new man.  The Truth, The Mystery has been revealed - the question is will you believe it, walk in it, and teach it?  Love, faith, revelation based knowledge and wisdom, the mystery, the new man - these are all contained in Christ!  How do you attain to functioning in Christ?  Think, believe, and it becomes a reality!!!  As you think and meditate upon this truth, I will breathe it from our S(s)pirit into your heart and you will believe it!  Then, it will naturally by faith flow out of you, My son!”

Lord, what do You want to say to me concerning being my Life?  What does it mean specifically and practically?  Speak to me, I pray!  Thank You, Lord.

"All source of energy, all source of Life is me-I am that for you.  Marc, you must realize and perceive that I literally am your life.  I am the flow within, I am the thoughts, I am the actions.  That's why you, a false look and perception of reality, must die/stop!  That's not real anyway, but I in you am Marc.  Repentance leading to true faith in this Truth - a fresh revelation is what you need, Marc.

"It's time - let go and live out of flow - intuitive, spontaneous, Spirit-you flow.  It means to practice My Presence, make it a habit to tune to flow.  It means to shut off and tune in - your spirit and Mine as one.  Do you see how much I love you?  We become one, as I and the Father are one!  So to say I is saying Spirit I or Christ I, which is the new born from above you.  Practically, you must perceive reality in a new, fresh, biblical way!  The new you is literally Christ you...period.

"Galatians 2:20, John 15, Colossians 3:4 - I designed you for this, I died for this, I want this for you more than you want it!  STOP, rest, flow, effortless productivity and works - it's Me - Marc!  Marc, this is your call - Me you living, self-flesh Marc dead/dying.  It's a process, it must be learned, but it is fully possible and available."