Why Doesn't the Lord's Prayer Contain Any of the Four Keys?

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Afternoon Dr Virkler, 

I have experienced Jesus’ words directly when you visited our church (I think it was 1979 – Moreleta in Pretoria, South Africa) – I am also busy reading your 4 Keys book currently – A question that bothers me – The “Our Father” – Lord’s prayer He gave us as a template – why does it not contain any of the 4 keys?

Regards, Bingle Ferreira

Mark Virkler's Response ...


Could you journal this question and email me what the Lord speaks to you about it? I would love to hear.

Dear Dr Virkler,

The Lord broke through my atrophied vision this morning when I sat down to reply to your mail.

Our Father in heaven,

I see You Lord sitting on the right hand of God 

hallowed be your name.

I see the glory surrounding You on Your throne

Your Kingdom come,

I see your children carrying Your name towards a dark world

your will be done,

I see Your children worshipping Your name across the globe

on earth as in heaven

I see the ultimate peace in Your dwelling place – peace reigns supreme where You are and everywhere on earth where the Light penetrated the darkness

Give us today our daily bread.

The loaf of bread on our table – the needs we have for Your provision, protection and comfort

Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us.

I see Your stretched out hand pulling me from crystal clear water and You gesture to me to the people around me whom I still need to forgive – I do so now, Lord – I forgive them - I pray for Your purifying light also in their life.

Lead us not into temptation,

Lord, You are aware of the areas in my life where sin easily besets me – guide me away with your hand of love from the path of destruction

but deliver us from evil.

I see You, Lord, standing between me and the evil one – snarling like an angry dog, ready to devour - but turning away upon seeing Your powerful presence.

For the kingdom,

May You reign over every follower who calls upon Your name..

the power

Mountains bow down and the seas will roar ..

and the glory are yours.

I see multitudes worshipping You with heavenly harmony for ever..

Now and for ever – Amen

Thank you for helping me discovering this for myself – I have read it to my wife and when I came to the section of forgiveness – I got a lump in my throat.


Bingle Ferreira


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Beautiful !!!

While reading I started crying. There was a feeling of complete peace that came over me, and for the first time I had my vision of Jesus holding me in his lap and telling me over and over again that he loves me! Glory Be To GOD!!!