Can I REALLY Be a Part of Sharing the Gospel of Salvation with 1 Million People Every Single Day?

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Participate in the
“1 Million Daily Gospel Connect”

If you have ever felt, “I can’t share the Gospel,” we have a wonderful gift for you. We have created a website which powerfully shares the gospel for you and we are inviting you to direct your friends to it. The website is BornOfTheSpirit.Today.

Can you imagine what would happen if 100,000 people added the hyperlinked phrase Discover How to Be Born of the Spirit! to their email signature lines and each sent out just 10 emails a day? That would be 1 million people being presented the Gospel of the Kingdom every single day!

Become part of this team and share the good news of the Kingdom of God. Let your friends and acquaintances know about eternal life through the Lord Jesus Christ and the supernatural power made available to them!

Add this hyperlink to your website, Facebook, and email signature:
Discover How to Be Born of the Spirit!

Or add it one of these ways:
Life’s greatest gift can be found here!
Life’s Biggest Decision is…
Make YOUR Life-Changing Decision TODAY!
Do you know what life’s biggest decision is?

The actual link is:

Visit BornOfTheSpirit.Today

We even have inexpensive, wallet-size cards you can hand out or leave around which refer people to this website. They can be ordered here or by phone: 1-800-466-6961 or 716-681-4896.