Spiritual Intimacy - God’s Idea, God’s Passion, God’s Reformation

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You Are Called to Experience the Lifestyle

of the Garden of Eden!

We stand at the threshold of a new reformation. It involves the fulfillment of God's passion, which is an intimate love relationship with you. God has sought to restore this lifestyle experienced by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden ever since it was lost through sin entering into the world. Now you can participate in ushering in this reformation of spiritual intimacy to the Church and the world. God has provided “a clear path to Christian spirituality.” So clear, in fact, that it's easily transferable from one person to another! May you catch the fire and pass it on!

We define “Christian Spirituality” as “living in obedience to the voice of God and experiencing the resulting covenant blessings” (Deut. 28:1-14). Paul discovered God’s voice and vision on the road to Damascus, and it transformed his life. Paul then transformed his world. Moses discovered God’s voice and vision at the burning bush and it transformed his life and Moses transformed his world. Jesus lived out of the voice and vision of His Father, and He transformed the world (Jn. 5:19, 20, 30; 8:26; 28, 38).

These Five Unacceptable Choices Have Historically Been Offered to Mankind

  1. Religious Legalism – God no longer speaks, so live out of biblical laws.
  2. Liberalism – Miracles are myths. The goal is to try to lead a good life.
  3. Hedonism – Indulge the flesh, because there is nothing after this life.
  4. Christian Mysticism – There are two types of mystics:
    1. The “stripping away” mystic. These sought to kill the desires of the flesh through bodily mortification (i.e. sleeping on beds of nails, self-flagellation, etc).
    2. The second type of mystic was focused on “coming to the light”. They sought to sense the light of God within them.

Both types went to monasteries or to the desert to live out their Christian experiences. They were unable to easily pass it on to others and, since they had essentially fled from society, they were unable to fulfill the great commission which is to disciple all nations.

  1. False Religions – Living in bondage to the laws of false gods.

It is utterly astounding to me to observe that fundamentalists, liberals, heathens, worshippers of false gods and half of the mystics ALL agree that God has no living encounter with mankind today! So in that sense, they are all in the same camp! How can this be, when from Genesis to Revelation, God continuously had living encounters with mankind? More than that, He declared that in these last days He would continue to speak to us and reveal Himself to us through dreams and visions (Acts 2:17)!

Folks, it is time every follower of Christ take whatever effort is necessary to break the yoke in our lives of the false gods of religion, rationalism, humanism and paganism and be restored to a lifestyle of living out of the voice and vision and power of Almighty God!

God Has Given Us a Clear Path to Christian Spirituality that Is Transferable and Workable in Everyday Life!

It involves training each person to hear God’s voice and see vision, and puts tools in your hands so you can easily teach others how to hear and to see God. It allows you to stay engaged in the world (as Jesus did), and bring the voice, vision, and anointing of God to people you meet in your everyday life.

The Key Principles of This Spiritual Reformation Are as Follows:

  1. God IS speaking to you today, granting visions, revelation and anointing.
  2. You can be easily taught how to hear and see Him, and sense His power within.
  3. You are to stay engaged in life, releasing God’s light to those around you.
  4. You can easily train others to hear God’s voice, see His vision and receive His power.

An example of the clarity and simplicity of our approach:

When dialoging with God, you quiet yourself down, fix your eyes on Jesus (see Him present with you – He IS!), tune to spontaneous flowing thoughts (that’s what His voice sounds like) and write these thoughts down. You confirm what you have written is God speaking by ensuring it lines up with Scripture and sharing it with your two or three  spiritual advisors. Then you run with it.

This IS NEW. This has not ever been available in history as far as I can discover. Those who did experience revivals, such as in John Wesley’s movement, did indeed focus intensely on Jesus. They experienced God’s emotions (a “warming” of their hearts) and sometimes heard His voice and saw His visions. But they were never specifically, clearly trained how to hear His voice and how to see divine visions and even more importantly, how to train others to hear and see.

What Are People Saying About These Spiritual Intimacy Training Modules?

Here are some responses from a survey of people who recently completed our first 3-month training module entitled “How to Hear God’s Voice.” Eighty percent had been believers for more than 25 years, so these are responses from seasoned Christians and were offered at the conclusion of the course!

  • 95% stated, “I can hear God’s voice daily if I choose to.”
  • 97% felt their intimacy with God had increased.
  • 92% said their interpersonal relationships have greatly improved.
  • 94% said they were more at peace with themselves and God.
  • 94% said sin and negative thoughts were diminishing.
  • 95% considered it one of the top training experiences in their life.
  • The pastor said he considered it the top training experience in their 30+ years as a church.
  • You may view the entire survey here.
  • Download as: Adobe PDF

Get Trained and Train Others – We Are Offering Cell Group and Home Group Spiritual Curriculum

Today, you can begin utilizing these 20+ complete training packages which are excellent for small group and personal use. They are designed for use by three-month focus groups that you can offer from the comfort of your own living room! Training topics include Through the Bible modules, Spiritual Intimacy modules and Life Skill modules. You invite your friends in who are interested in mastering some aspect of Christian spirituality and Christian transformation. You focus on this area intensely for three months, mastering this spiritual discipline, and then either disband or select another topic of interest to your group and repeat the process for another three months.

Our complete training packages provide an anointed trainer on DVD, a Training Notebook, and a textbook. So you watch, listen, take notes and learn. During the week, you read the textbook and practice the skill you have just been taught. You gather together weekly to share your progress, and receive more training on the next step in mastering this particular spiritual discipline.

Twelve weeks of focused effort gives you adequate time to explore and master the skill, and then you are ready to move on. Everyone in the group can train others by setting up their own home groups, and your group can continue on with another training module if they so desire.

These training units help you master a skill by providing topics of interest in the pursuit of Christian spirituality, an intense three-month focus, immediate feedback from others who are pursuing the same skill you are, a gifted trainer, ongoing practice sessions and a termination date, after which you disband or move on to a new topic.

You may discover our current list of “Focus Group Training Modules” here.

A Summary of Your Choices

  • Be a heathen – live out of the passions of the flesh – this produces death.
  • Be a legalist – one who lives out of biblical laws – this produces death (Rom. 7:9, 10, 14, 24).
  • Follow Jesus’ example – one who lives out of the voice of God – this produces life (Jn. 6:63).

Jesus’ declaration for you:

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me; and I give eternal life to them, and they will never perish; and no one will snatch them out of My hand.  (Jn. 10:27-28)

Heal Your Nation by Introducing Spiritual Intimacy to Everyone You Know!

Make the right choice. Choose to live by the Spirit. Choose to train others to do so also. There is NO OTHER way to bring sustainable revival to our nations and our world! Help heal your nation!

Help bring the only reformation to your nation that will work and will last. Teach a group of your friends how to hear God's voice. Be a restorer of your nation. Make a difference!

I pray you choose to participate in spreading the fire of “Christian Spirituality” worldwide! I believe it is our best hope for healing the woes of our nations and the struggles in people’s lives. Those who live out of the voice and vision of God find that their lives are radically transformed. Mine has been! If you have heard God’s voice and obeyed it, you have discovered yours has been also. May we all be children of God who usher forth revival by spreading the message that “God is alive and speaking” on planet earth TODAY!

Experience “Christian Spirituality” – It is “The New Reformation”

It Heals People, Families and Nations! Will You Participate?


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