Healing Prayer - Acting on the Words of Knowledge God Gives

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Here is an interesting application of using the eyes of one's heart in prayer ministry to a wounded heart. It was emailed to me from Richard Sicheneder. The prayer approach below was part of a 3-hour prayer ministry session, which also included breaking generational sins and experiencing the Father's love. As a result of this prayer time, the client said she felt lighter and different.

Words of Knowledge - Skeletons in the Closet by Richard Sicheneder

Our prayer team ministered to a woman that did not know much about the family history because everything was kept very secret. She did not have much to tell us.

Before the woman came, our prayer ministry team sought the Lord for revelation as to how to minister healing. Then we shared together what we received from Him. I had received a word that there were “skeletons in the closet.” My prayer partner, Linda had seen a keyhole. When she had peered through it she saw the client was bound up like a prisoner. She received a word that “the Lord had a key for her.” We decided to see if our prayer client could go into the closet (using the eyes of her heart) to find the hidden secrets.

I explained to her about “Heavenly Doors” and how Jesus is the one that opens and closes doors. (There are many doors in Scripture.) As we prayed, the prayer client stepped out in faith and looked to see, and she was able to see a closet door. She unlocked it and walked inside but it was very dark. She asked Jesus to bring His light inside so she could see.

She immediately saw boxes and packages and was able to open them up one by one. She started receiving downloads from the Lord on “the hidden family secrets” and had “many revelations of personal things" she needed to repent for which turned into powerful ministry session! These 20-30 minutes ushered in an incredible presence of the Lord! Father was helping her clean closets and skeletons out so she could move closer to Him!

Some of the things that came to light were; religious spirits, false humility, humiliation, betrayal, loneliness, being unkempt, neediness and woundedness.

It was incredible how God revealed a skeleton to her and we would then deal with it. Immediately there would be another box or package and a new revelation. Things came out she had never thought about or had heard from her family. The goodness of God was so awesome! She was able go from boxes on the floor to packages on the shelf and from the front to the back. There was a tough moment when there was thick darkness in the far back reaches but Jesus helped her through the fear.

I was amazed at how easy and effortless He made all these hidden secrets come to light and leave! God will reveal the skeletons that are keeping His children bound!

Summary: In prayer ministry, ask God for revelation as to what the needs are. Then follow this revelation and watch God do a healing miracle. God wants us free more than we want to be free!

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