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Roaring Released an Intense Boldness in My Life by Karin R. da Silva

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The training module Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit Born Emotions has really stepped up things in the Spirit for me. Let me share this story as it relates to the “roaring” taught in the course.

The first time I was exposed to a manifestation of Lion of Judah roaring was more than twenty years ago at a Revival meeting in Toronto. I cannot remember what the teaching was about, but I remember having a life encounter with Jesus and experiencing the manifestation of roaring in the Spirit. I remember the words of Amos 3:8 – “…The Lion has roared – who will not fear? The Sovereign Lord has spoken – who can but prophecy?”

From that moment on I had an intense boldness in the Lord come over me. I use to be an extremely shy and timid person with an anxious and soft spoken voice, to the point that many people struggled to hear me. That day my throat “opened up” and God anointed the words from Him in my mouth with a new authority. Shyness left and I have since taken many bold steps regarding the prophetic, knowing that God is with me. This is a complete opposite of who I used to be.

Since then I have experienced it sporadically again but am excited about the new release and revelation knowledge that is coming from working through the material and spending time in God’s presence. New things!

Roaring in the Spirit is a very unknown but powerful form of intercession. I am currently experiencing the "Roaring" in combination with a personal "Sonic Boom" Word from the Lord and this course has just been so timely in this season leading the way through it.