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Victory Over Coronavirus! - A Prophetic Dream

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Back in January some friends at church mentioned the Coronavirus. I don’t usually watch the news and hadn’t heard of Covid-19, so I was only half-joking when I asked, “Do you need to drink beer to get that?”

Fast forward two months and we are all now keenly aware of exactly what that word means. While it is easy to look at the natural realm and feel anxious, God calls us to set our mind on the spirit realm instead (Rom. 8:6). We’re not to focus on the news and what is seen in this physical world, but instead we are to seek the things above and look at what is unseen (Col. 3:1-3; 2 Cor. 4:18).

Snapshots of the Spirit

Sounds good on paper, but how do we do that? One powerful way to glimpse Heaven’s perspective and see the invisible realm of the spirit is through dream work. We often dismiss our dreams as ridiculous, but really, they are revelation. What we are tempted to disregard as silly is actually sacred, it’s just communicated symbolically. As we begin to honor dreams we quickly discover Holy Spirit speaking even through the “crazy” ones, continually sharing His heart, wisdom, comfort and counsel through our visions of the night, every single night (Num. 12:6; Acts 2:17).

Katharina is a CLU student who’s taken our online dreams course and learned how to translate this picture language God speaks at night. Dream work is like heavenly treasure-hunting as we find hidden riches in the darkness of night within the secret places of our hearts (Isa. 45:3). She just emailed me the inspiring night vision below and we had fun decoding the symbols, metaphors, and wordplays with which Father had generously infused her dream.

Corona Is Almost Gone

Katharina writes, “This morning when I woke up the Lord reminded me of a dream I had in December.

DREAM: “I was meeting a lot of people and everyone was thirsty. I looked for water in the fridge but there was only a half-bottle of Corona beer, which I took out, emptied and threw away. I was thinking of going to Costco to get some water, but the doorbell rang and a friend of mine, Victoria, came in. We talked and she helped me with all the people. Then I looked at the TV and they announced Tina Turner turns 100 on June 24th.” 

With Katharina’s permission I’m sharing the revelation we unpacked from her dream together.

ACTION: Getting rid of Corona; Victoria coming and helping; Big celebration announced soon

EMOTION: Wanting to get rid of Corona; Peaceful, and thankful for the assistance

SETTING: In waking life, we do want to get rid of Corona (virus) and see Victory! People are in need – physically, emotionally and spiritually. As in the dream they are literally going to Costco for water, but more than anything the world needs Holy Spirit’s Living Water so they will never thirst again.

INTERPRETATION: Even in the midst of need, Katharina is peaceful. Obviously the bottle of Corona beer represents the Coronavirus metaphorically. This first symbol is encouraging because God is showing us that we are able to deal with the Coronavirus and get rid of it – represented by pouring it down the drain.

God is revealing His point of view on this situation – that it’s really not such a big threat to us – because it’s only “half a bottle”. It’s not a keg of Corona or even a case. It’s just one bottle, and mostly empty at that. To say it another way, the fact the bottle was only partially full means it’s almost gone.

We don’t need to be fearful or anxious thinking Coronavirus will disrupt our lives for years or even months. God is showing us that there is a part we play, that through our faith-filled intercession and intervention, we can effectively get rid of it. Hallelujah, this is good news!

Heaven Waits on Us

Though at first, I thought the order of events was wrong. In the dream, her friend Victoria represents Jesus, the Friend who is closer than a brother and who is our Victory. The fact that Victory/Jesus came after Katharina had already thrown away the Corona didn’t make sense. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t Jesus come in first and save the day, and then she has the victory and can get rid of the Corona?

But God is showing us His perspective: Through the cross, He has already saved the day (1 Cor. 15:57). Jesus has already given us victory and made us more than conquerors (Matt. 10:1; Rom. 8:37). We are not waiting on God. Heaven is waiting on us.

Scripture makes clear that the whole world, all of creation, is waiting eagerly in anticipation for a revelation of the mature sons and daughters of God (Rom. 8:19). What do these representatives of Heaven look like? How do these children of the King act?

They walk in their Father’s authority, using His name to execute His perfect plans and purposes.

Supernatural royalty does not permit anything on earth that is not permitted in Heaven (Matt. 16:18-19). They disallow infection, because that does not exist in Heaven. They are not afraid of sickness because their mandate is to heal the sick. They are not worried about contagious disease because they have been commissioned to cleanse lepers, and even raise the dead (Matt. 10:8).

We are these representatives, ambassadors of a supernatural Kingdom, and one of the most effective ways to win this battle is by partnering with angels in strategic Kingdom coalition. Because of the delegated authority given to the Church as the Body of Christ in this world, we have not only the right, but the responsibility, to actively employ and release the Armies of God to enforce His will on earth as it is in Heaven.


A Turnaround Coming Soon

In the dream, a milestone celebration was announced on TV. Sometimes a word play on “television” is “tell a vision.” The vision God is telling us to observe and come into agreement with is victory over Coronavirus, which will obviously be cause for mass celebration.

I wouldn’t take the date in the dream literally as much as a general encouragement and promise of soon. What happens soon? The dream shows there will be a “turnaround” with the virus, as revealed by the word play on her name, Turner. This is exciting!

Now in the natural, Turner is 80, which means it would be two decades before her 100th birthday. So this is also a picture of acceleration; of collapsing time and speeding up what would normally take an extended period into something that comes much sooner. Through our prayers and prophetic intervention we can do this to end coronavirus.

Katharina did well in matching the number “100” from her dream with something literal in waking life. In the dream it was 100 years, but she understood it could be speaking of 100 days. She realized one hundred days from when she had this night vision on December 23rd would be April 1st. I believe God is offering us a potential outcome, that is, a prophetic possibility of an accelerated timeline we can pray into and believe for.

(UPDATE: Thanks to all the readers who sent articles and confirmation of our prayers being answered since this article was posted in March. For example, on April 1st Newsweek reported a “significant breakthrough” in the development of a coronavirus vaccine. And on April 2nd, Dr. Stephen Smith announced similar news, “I think this is the beginning of the end of the pandemic”. Praise God!

Incredibly, a little girl in the Philippines had a dream with the exact same message. It was also exciting to see the Lord giving repeated dreams to Will Ford's 7-year-old son also indicating the possibility for a Coronavirus turnaround in April. While the timing is not a specific guarantee, I believe it represents God's heart for healing and an offer for us to partner with Him to release this prophetic potential to the world. It is our responsibility to prayerfully appropriate these words as we know prophecy is conditional based on man's response – Jeremiah 18:7-10.

Just like Elijah praying for a turnaround in the time of drought: at first, no change could be seen in the natural. But Elijah insisted he heard the sound of the roar of a heavy shower, and he kept sending his servant to go look for it. Elijah kept praying into it and the seventh time his servant looked, there was a rain cloud the size of a man’s fist. These awesome news reports are our rain clouds – they are confirmation in the natural realm of what we have been sensing in the spirit. And in “just a little while” the downpour of blessing and answered prayer will be seen by all – 1 Kings 18:41-45.)

She also noted that because the “turnaround” is represented by a singer, this could also speak to our voice being a deciding factor as events unfold. Yes, grateful praise is our weapon! Life and death are in the power of our words and what we declare is established (Prov. 18:21; Job 22:28). When we give voice to God’s truth and activate angels by speaking His Word, we accelerate the coming of this happy turn of events.


Heavenly Counsel

Amos 3:7 tells us the Lord does nothing without first revealing His secret counsel to His servants. What is God’s plan in this situation? We saw a glimpse of that through the dream: God’s heart is that His mature sons and daughters rise up, take authority, and get rid of the coronavirus. We have authority in Christ and with His power it can be as easy as “pouring it down the drain.”

It is significant that Katharina had this dream on December 23, 2019. When was the start of Covid-19? According to this article in the New York Times, a Mr. Li in Wuhan “was one of the first patients to fall ill. He came down with a fever on Dec. 23...” Encouragingly the piece went on to say, “He has since recovered and… none of his other family members have become sick.” Praise God!

Isn’t it incredible to see that while the virus is beginning in China, on the other side of the planet, God is giving a prophetic dream to His listening daughter in the USA? At the exact same time. Before the world even knew there was a problem, Father was already downloading His perspective and promise. Before we ask, He has already answered (Isa. 65:24). Jesus is our solution, our cure, our health, and our peace. We have nothing to fear.


Overcoming Coronavirus Fears

But what if you are afraid? What if all the news reports and restrictions and closures and quarantines are getting to you? What if you feel tempted to let stress and anxiety sneak in? You want to get God’s perspective – by honoring His voice through your dreams as Katharina did, and also by honoring God’s voice through listening prayer.

Susan is another daughter who listens to her heavenly Father through two-way journaling. She shares the comforting words the Lord spoke to her when she asked Him how to overcome her Coronavirus fears:

“I asked Jesus how I can have perfect love to cast out Covid-19 fear and He replied,

“You're doing it now. Look to Me. That is the way to overthrow fear. If you truly know and believe I am in you and at your right hand, nothing can make you tremble, except of course the Father. It's good to tremble a little before Him.

“Why would you let fear of a tiny virus from the pit of hell become a big monster in your imagination? Either you are picturing Me giving you life and abundant health and complete protection, at your side and in your heart, or you are seeing yourself sick and without Me or My help. I am your refuge. Dwell in My peace. Focus on pictures of Me that affirm life and health and love. See My feathers covering you - where no nasty bugs can enter.

“I am the giver of life and the protector of life. I am the life. Where I dwell, life dwells. You dwell in My love by continually drawing your mind back to pictures and flowing loving thoughts bubbling up in your heart. Perfect love depends on My indwelling you and you indwelling Me.

“So this is just a little blip in time that I will turn to the good by causing My body to look to Me and to walk in faith and love and peace as they have never known before.

“You are My slave, not the slave of fear. Walk in victory by walking hand in hand with Me. This is a time for deepening faith and really believing My words. I am in control. Fear not My child. Conquer all with love.”


What About You?

I encourage you to ask God to reveal to you personally His vision and version of this situation. What picture does He want to share with you to birth faith and peace and calm your fears? Ask Holy Spirit to show you life from His perspective, then purpose in your heart by His grace to focus exclusively on that. Think, feel and speak about Coronavirus only what God Himself is thinking, feeling and speaking about it. Once we come into full agreement with God, we are positioned to conduit His miracles into our world.

The heavens are the Lord’s, but the earth He has given to the sons of men (Ps. 115:16). That’s us. It is our responsibility to make our part of earth look just like Heaven. Let’s commission angel armies to war on our behalf; they are waiting to be deployed and dispatched. We have already seen flame throwing warrior angels released to battle Covid-19. What else is God revealing to you by His Spirit?

These dreams and visions show us God’s version of the situation and it is these prophetic potentials we must partner with and observe to collapse. Nothing is impossible with God! What does that look like? Through this dream we find a comforting message: we see it’s almost over. The Corona beer was half empty, remember? In symbolic dream speak, God is showing us that the end of Coronavirus is near. It’s almost gone!

And most importantly, as representatives of Heaven and indeed, supernatural royalty, we can do something about it. As Katharina “got rid of the Corona beer” simply and easily, we too can “get rid of Coronavirus” through our Spirit-led decrees, authoritative proclamations and our prophetic intercession. And just as the dream showed, when we do our part, Victory comes in.

Jesus is our Victory, and He is already on His way.

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Ajiek Deng's picture

COVID-19 is an evil disease. Bible tells us that and most partuclarly to faithfull christians to be aware of devils coming to destroy the faith of believers who are in good relationship with God through prayers. Book of leviticus predicted the diseases that will come and some will not be curable without prayers. What we need to do now is to believe in one God the Father in heaven and do all his wills include helping orphans children.

Charity Kayembe's picture

It's great that you want to see in the spirit and connect with the company of Heaven! One of the most common reasons people have trouble with this is because they get stuck on the key of "quieting yourself down". I share several techniques for doing this in the guided visionary meditation here: www.glorywaves.org/angels

Also, you want to make sure you are not just trying one or two of the keys, but all four keys to hearing God's voice at the same time. They're all important! The other challenge for some people is that they have trouble with the key of seeing vision. There are several helpful suggestions and recommendations in the articles here: www.cwgministries.org/trouble-seeing-vision

Lastly, don't worry if it takes you some time to learn. As with anything, the more we practice the easier it gets! Just as a child learning how to walk may not get it perfectly the very first time (or first ten times!) - he doesn't give up. You are learning how to walk by the Spirit and of course there is a learning curve. Be patient with yourself and be as kind and compassionate toward yourself as you would be to a toddler learning to walk. You'll get it!

Will56161's picture

I have been trying to follow the four keys to hearing gods voice and connecting with my angels but I don't seem to be getting a response or hear or feel his presence. Could you help me and pray for me and give me a word?

morningdove5's picture

Also the number 100 means fullness or wholeness. 100% natural means entirely as God intended with no-man made chemicals. This was taken from Steve cioccolanti book - the divine code vol II

Jan Shelton 's picture

Journaling this morning Father, Abba daddy said he wanted to give to me an amazing gift on April fool’s day 4/1/20. I want the world to be surprised and take NOTICE. I AM giving NOTICE first to my people then out from there. I give notice - posted on the door posts-lintels-IAM posting my notice my decree take notice - IAM GOD I do not lie. IAM who I say IAM. People like those little post-it notes. Sticky notes. I stick closer than a brother. He had me look up all verses with word “notice”. 5:11am He had me look up dictionary meaning and legal meaning of word notice. Even had me look up something to do with first class mail - the cost. He highlighted Matthew 22:11 wedding banquet. Double numbers and 11, 55 or is it 1 and 5’s He has had me focusing on. I ask the Lord please explain, give me understanding on that scripture. For many are invited but few are chosen. Then this morning I open your journaling encouragement With katharina’s Dream post and she mentioned april too. God is amazing all the time. I was at a conference last year with mark virkler and one of our groups also did angel study.

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