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good judgment

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Do you believe that my judgments are righteous and true? Are you still convinced of this when they are applied to you? Do not mistake my judgments for my wrath. You understand that children need correction, and you are my children. A father chastens every son whom he receives, and the sons understand that this is for their own good even if they don’t enjoy it at the time. Haven’t you already seen that I have led you in a way that was good for you even if you wouldn’t have chosen it at the time? I want you to understand that my judgments are righteous and true even when they apply to you. 


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Good judgement

Thanks Dale.
Not easy to take in the not-so-sweet side of God’s judgement. Yet we appreciate all. It is part of His justice towards humanity. Afterall, He is thoughtful towards us in a million ways. We receive so much good from Him that we never even asked for. He accords much to us because it delights Him. We are the flock of His pasture.
May God bless you.