Healing on the Streets - The Way Jesus Did It!

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New Testament Christianity is being restored to America. Read this testimony by George Medellin and be inspired. Say, "I can do this!" Then begin looking for people who are hurting and offer to pray for them.

Lord, give us faith to share Your power as a demonstration of Your love to those we meet today!

George's Story

I'm cleaning a roof in Seattle today, getting a good upper back and shoulder workout! A petite lady working for the post office comes by and starts asking me about the work.

We chat for a bit and I notice she walks slightly bending forward. I ask her, "Are you in pain?"

"Oh yes, every day."

I respond, "I'm a Christian. Sometimes when I pray for people they get healed. May I pray for you for God to heal you?" She responds with a smile, "Oh yes!"

I ask her to gauge the pain on a scale of 1 to 10, One being a little pain and 10 being tremendous pain. She rates her pain at eight.

I look with the eyes of my heart and see the Holy Spirit flowing like a river on her. I pray something like this, "I break the curse of pain over you in Jesus' name. I release peace and healing to your body. Pain, go in Jesus' name."

I then ask her to rate her pain on the scale of 1 to 10. "No pain," she says. "Thank You, Jesus!" I think. She then has to go back to work.

I wonder if I will ever see her again and if the healing will stay. Several minutes later she yells out from across the street, "George! The pain is still gone!" She has tears in her eyes.

My 9 year old granddaughter created an animation to illustrate the message of this blog. Click the green button to watch it:


George learned this method of praying for healing from this training blog on a 7 Step Healing Model. You can, too!