God Gives Intercessor a Prophetic Dream about the Chardon High School Shooting in Ohio

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Some dreams are prophetic. Especially if God has called you to be a prophetic intercessor, which sure appears to be the case with Danielle Brown-Davis, who states: "I have been a Christian all my life. I was practically born in the church. I got saved at age 12. My husband and I attend Huntington Baptist Church in Huntington Village, NY." 

Danielle's Prophetic Dream Calling Her to Intercede

I've been asking God to give me dreams.  So, on Feb. 27th, I dreamed that a teenager was shooting at a group of young people.  A youth leader came running out to save the kids.  One of the victims was laying on the ground from a gunshot wound.  The youth leader prayed over the injured wounds.

As I was waking up, I heard a voice regarding the prayer and I heard:

  • Make a genuine contact
  • Escape in the Lord
  • Wait for a response

I woke up from a dream at 7:10.   Two hours later, I log onto ABCnews.com and I see a news flash that read:

Breaking News: Chardon High School Shooting.

Today I read in an article that the assistant football coach was praying for the injured kids as they were dying.  The shooting incident happened at 7:30 am.  I live in New York and the incident happened in Ohio."

Mark Virkler's Reflections on the Above Call to Intercession

I believe God was warning Danielle of the upcoming tradegy and calling her to pray and intercede. It should be a genuine prayer, where she prays for God to provide escape routes for potential victims, and then she was to wait to see if the Lord gave her further instructions.

I believe God does this ALL the time, so I encourage prophetic intercessors especially to be open and ready for these kinds of dreams, and then to pray for God to avert the tragedy, and for protection for any involved. 

I know two other women who received these kinds of dreams on a very regular basis. This is a part of God's amazing army which affects the world for good. Be open to such dreams, and pray and intercede as God instructs you to.

Training Packages for Prophetic Intercessors

Courses for Prophetic Intercessors

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REN310 Wisdom Through Dream Interpretation (Student Testimonies) (Course Syllabus)

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INT301Prophetic Intercession (Course Syllabus)

In this class you will study about the wedding between compassion, the prophetic spirit, and intercession. Subjects include: entering into the intercession of Christ, compassion, tears in His bottle, prophetic intercession, hearing God's voice, travail, and the intercessory sounds of deliverance. Prerequisites: INT201 Introduction to Intercession, INT202 Strategies and Models of Prayer.

REN103 Communion With God (Course Syllabus)

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Jesus promised that "My sheep hear My voice" (Jn. 10:27). If you are one of His sheep, then He is speaking to you and you are hearing His voice! The problem is that we have not learned how to recognize His voice and differentiate it from all of the other voices that bombard our hearts and minds. This course will help you discern the voice of the Lord within your heart, clearly and consistently, leading to a deeper intimacy with Him as well as greater faith, hope and joy. Your life will be transformed!