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From Guru to God - Transformed by Journaling

Mark Virkler's picture

Dear Mark,
In Toronto, 2006, you taught a group of us your journaling technique on 'how to hear God's voice.' You stated that if we did this consistently for three months it would change our lives. I complied. Indeed I have been journaling in your manner almost daily ever since and it has been a most most comforting, encouraging and helpful element of my Christian walk. Thank you! Sincerely in Him - Michael Graham

Michael Graham's journaling from Sept. 1, 2013

Lord, these days I seem to be making zero progress inside myself as to peace, emotional buoyancy or lack of flatness or depression! You speak of blessings. I get none within, though yes, exterior to myself--encouraging circumstances ( thank you!) but none inside. Change my nature!!! This is my petition. I experience not one single sign of progress, if anything regression. A Confession: your promises seem hollow. They seem always around the corner. My question and statements are being made in earnest. So please respond, Lord. 

Michael, You don't understand the life I give and how My ways work. Do not impatiently expect even measurable changes of temperament and character within yourself. That sort of hope is all 'sight,' but all my purposes, words and daily coaching are PURPOSED to build FAITH  in you. Only Faith, actual faith in the face of ALL circumstances generates peace. This world and your reactions to it in the absence of faith will always be disquieting. The 'quiet' I offer comes through faith in the face of ALL circumstances. If I was to convert your interior person to one that was, through personality, character or temperament into one unfazed by anything, where would be the need for faith? Can you see now my purpose in allowing your natural self to remain much as it is for the cultivation of necessary faith, the ultimate disposition for any one of my children

to have? Think on this Michael. Think, think deeply and regularly on this. You will surely start to 'get' it! 

Thank you, Lord.

[Note picture of baptizing a young foreign traveler in South Asia. Also pictured is the front cover of my published book, From Guru to God, giving an account of 28 years of disciplined practice in the Eastern Spiritual Tradition  (1000's of hours of meditation and so on) before being given new life in Christ.]