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Lord of Angel Armies

Mark Virkler's picture

Today we're going to have my daughter, Charity Kayembe, share the next segment in her exciting blog series with us.

Be blessed!

Welcome to part five of Angels: God's Servants, My Friends. If you would like to read about the day Jesus introduced me to my guardian angels, as well as some Scripture verses He highlighted for me about them, please check it out here.

So About Your Wings...

Obviously my angels can appear to me however they want. Sometimes we see angels in their full knock-me-on-the-ground glory and other times it’s so subtle we don’t even realize they’re not human beings (Heb. 13:2).

Usually my guys go with the latter, and because of this I don’t see feathers, which of course is totally fine by me.

Even though I don’t care at all either way, I did try teasing them about it just for fun. “Oh man. Of all the angels in all of heaven, I get assigned the wingless ones? What’d you guys do, miss the line when they were handing them out?”

They just smiled knowingly at each other, looking like they were trying to decide if they should let me in on their secret.

Now around this same time, I’d also been giving them a bit of a hard time about the execution of their guardianship responsibilities.

I’d say things like, “Guys, are you even actually protecting me? Are you even paying attention? You’re having way too much fun. Shouldn’t you be carefully watching out for my physical safety and wellbeing here?”

The impression I got back from them was, We have people for that.”

(With the idea of “people” being some other, presumably more responsible, angels.)

Armies of God

After all of that, they decided to kind of flip a switch and turn on the houselights. It was like we'd been under a spotlight, but now it was bright all around us. I got to see a lot further out into the spirit realm, and realized that we were literally surrounded (not unlike 2 Kings 6:17).

Angels – of the winged variety, I might add – were standing at the ready. They were definitely paying attention! And rows upon rows of them went on as far as I could see in every direction.

I said, “See guys, now that’s what I’m talking about. That instills confidence!”

Of course I knew that there are way more angels around than I see every day. I love that they're called an "innumerable company" (Heb. 12:22). When the Bible uses terms like "myriads of myriads" (Rev. 5:11), you just get the feeling there are more than enough angels to go around. They're not being rationed out, so I don't need to be afraid they might not be around when I need them.

My Security Detail

This is God's Army. And they're protecting God's kids! They see that as the honor of a lifetime, and they're not about to screw it up. Which means I can rest assured knowing these guys, who are bigger and faster and stronger than I am, are on the case. And that frees me up to not have to worry... about anything, really. 

I didn't hold it against Pojes and Shobis that clearly they'd been holding out on me that it took them so long to finally introduce me to their friends. And I just realized, yet again, that they were absolutely right about everything they’d said.

Turns out they really do have people for that.

What About You?

Have you seen your angels yet? What do they look like? Are there one or two? Or do you see lots of them all around? Feel free to share in the Comments below what you're seeing in the spirit realm. We'd love to hear how it looks to you!

Image courtesy of panuruangjan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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Anonymous's picture

I was just reading your articles and I asked God the name of my angels. I having being seeing angels for quite a while but always in retrospect when the spirit of the Lord shows me. These days however, I see them with the eyes of my heart/spirit and sometimes I actually look around for them when I go to church or in gatherings. So I just asked God to know their names and then they came and stood by me. There is my protection angel and guardian angel. My protection angel, God gave me some few months ago. I believe is a female called Phebe.I asked her what her name meant and she said enlightment, I looked it up in my concordance and hitchcock's dictionary ;pure, shining. (I believe she is fierce just like me, confirming the look alike angels article).My guardian angel is called Prosperity, I was surprised because I decided to call my self Prosperity as a nickname on facebook few years ago. It's so cool, I took my angel's name and the best part, all their names start with P.
I bless God for your posts and Mark Virkler's ministry.

Charity Kayembe's picture

How wonderful the Lord introduced you to your angels and told you their names. :) It's exciting to hear your experiences and that they are so similar. Thank you very much for sharing, and blessings to you!

Anonymous's picture

I can't exactly point out when I first had an encounter with an Angel but I have experienced many inner visions of my Angels and I have some wonderful stories to share about their role in my Life.

Some weeks back, I was concerned about a friend I had not talked to for some time. As I was thinking about her, I felt an Angel standing by my left hand site late in the night. He told me that I should speak to my friend and encourage her because she was going through some difficult moments.I told him that I could only send her a text and thats all I could do at that time. The fun part is, I told my Angel that it was late and there is no way for me to see her now or within a few days, so I asked him if he could go on my behave and comfort my friend since I couldn't see her at that time. He accepted and left me to comfort her. When I got up in the morning, I asked asked him how my friend slept and how she was doing, to my surprise he said she is doing much better after he comforted her. I love the fact that my Angels could represent me, when I am not able too.

I have always communicated with Angels but I never bordered to ask or know their names, but after reading your articles I decided to ask my Angels for their names. Surprisingly I got the names Shovis and Petras...I chuckled after hearing their names, soo funny and weird. Infact Shovis actually helped me in writing these comments as I didn't know how to go about it...Yayy I love the help my Angels offer me..

Okayy, this is so funny, I am generally not so organized. In my room, my dresses are everywhere I barely have time to put things together...while just relaxing and lying on my bed, I felt the presence of an Angel, He said he was sent to help organize my life and room. I actually felt like this Angel was feminine, she looked like a lady and had a feminine presence around her. She told me that I would be getting married soon and that Father God doesn't want me to carry my unorganized lifestyle into my marital home and that she has come to help me organize my self. She said something so lovely and that is Father God wanted me to fully represent him in his splendor while in my marital home and my currently style of living is not a reflection of who he is. She(The Angel) has come to make my life so beautiful and organize so that when I get married my wife will be blessed to have a man like me.

I could go on and on to share about my Angelic experiences...but I just want to thank you so much for these amazing articles...

Charity Kayembe's picture

Thanks for sharing your stories with us! These are really fun. I totally agree that God will use our angels to help us personally - in whatever areas we specifically need help in. Helping bring us to balance and to be the best we can be to represent Him well. Such a good word you had!

I also appreciated that your angels helped you technologically. Whereas before I would usually not even try to fix technical stuff (and instead make my brother or husband help me!), now I often will just ask my angels.

And I never cease to be amazed at how well that really actually works! Like, with a couple different computer issues at home. And then even a printer network something connection thing at work. All that kind of stuff is so outside my gift mix! :) But that's the cool thing... whatever we need, angels can bring us and help us with. Amen, and thanks for that great reminder!

Anonymous's picture

First of all, I am thoroughly enjoying this series on angels - thank you so much for sharing it!! Several years ago, I had a large angel divert a set of keys that was being thrown at me in anger and flying right for my face - about a foot or so from my face, they suddenly took a turn and hit the wall on my right instead. After the event was over and the perpetrator left, I asked God how that happened -- and I became aware of a large angel (9 feet tall?) that had been standing behind me, who reached around me and simply put his hand out and deflected the keys onto the wall. I don't know how he fit in the space behind me, but I was SO thankful!! And this was before I learned to journal!
A year or so after that, I was introduced to my personal angel, who's name is Frank (made me giggle...I expected something much more "Biblical"!) I've come to understand that I need Frank, because I'm very trusting - probably overly so, so I need truth ("frankness") in my life. I haven't learned much more of what Frank himself does, but he's at least 6 or 7 ft tall with dark hair...and he rides in the passenger seat in my car, and on the back of my motorcycle...and he LOVES it!! His hair and robes stream out behind in the wind, and he sometimes lounges back there, or he's sticking his head kinda out the side, enjoying the ride like dogs do! Frank has a great sense of humor, and loves puns (so do I!).
I've also recently become aware of the special guardian angels that travel with me when I ride my motorcycle, especially for minstry purposes (I'm a member of Christian Motorcyclist Association) -- there are 6 of them -- 3 on one side, 3 on the other, and they fly full speed, lined up out to each side of me like the wings of a plane, in a body position sort of like Superman. When I have to go through a space narrower than they are, they stack together, then spread out again when the space allows. They even split up at the last event I was at (secular rally), and 2 of them guarded my bike, while the other 4 walked around with me, along with Frank. And just as I read one of these other posts, I became aware of just how many angels were at that event, as we prayed and talked with individuals attending the event. I've also seen them at church - they are ministering angels, dozens of them at the back of the church, and hovering above, waiting for folks to open their hearts....simply awesome...

Thank you again for sharing!

Charity Kayembe's picture

Wow! What an amazing testimony. Thank you so much for sharing these incredible stories! Frank sounds awesome, and I just have to say, I love what you said about him enjoying the rides like a dog would. My angels are the same way! Playing around on the wing of the plane, because they're "in their element" as they say, LOL.

The story of protection was powerful, and it's so neat how you see your personal angel, then also your guardian angels as you ride, and then the ministering angels at church... amen!! So many different kinds assigned to all different work for us and with us.

And an angel with a great sense of humor, who loves puns? Ha! Who wouldn't want one of those in their life? :) Thank you so much for sharing about Frank with us. What a blessing!!

Anonymous's picture

Thank you Charity for sharing these! It is so encouraging, and as I read your posts, it "confirms" that angels are around me. I think I've only seen an angel once, during an Easter worship service, at the end of the service, singing a worship song that contained the line, "and the Lamb that was slain, has now been crowned the King!" I saw an angel about 14 feet tall, swinging something at his hip around and around in circle. God's presence was very real that day. I think I've felt them at times, and they seem to bring blessing and make life easier mentally and from a freedom perspective. Blessings as you continue on this and God uses you!

Charity Kayembe's picture

Thanks so much for the good word! And it's awesome to hear that you've felt your angels too. So many different ways to sense the spirit realm, right? Seeing, hearing, feeling. You're right about the worship services too - angels definitely enjoy them a lot! :) Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

Anonymous's picture

I was paid a visit by two angels. The room they came into has a 8 1/2 foot ceiling. The first fellow walked in through the wall and was a tall man by human standards, He was followed by a very large angel that had to bend nearly double over to fit under the ceiling. I suggest he was of stature exceeding 14 foot and possibly 15 in total. While lately I have become aware of many of these visitors which I welcome, these two guys were the largest I am aware of. They were smiling in a kind of fun way as if it was humorous for them to see my look of surprise. I am confident I will have more stories in the near future.

Charity Kayembe's picture

Thanks so much for sharing! What an amazing encounter. And I really love how you put it, "these visitors which I welcome". You're welcoming them, you're being hospitable - you're "entertaining" angels in every sense of the word. That's living Scripture. Awesome! No wonder they keep wanting to stop over and visit with you. :)

My favorite part though is that they were smiling. Yay for happy angels!! I love that they were having fun with you. What a fabulous testimony. We appreciate your story - and look forward to many more! Every blessing to you!!

Anonymous's picture

I was introduced by the Lord to my Angel a few weeks ago while in worship and the conversation began in the shower and then I wrote it down in my journaling with God.

The funny thing is its almost like I imagined it because I can not find my two way journal entry with the Holy Spirit and Samuel my angel. Once Jesus released Him to speak to me, Samuel shared with me his role and function in my life. He is a powerful angel who guards and ministers that brings deliverance, healing and fire. I was amazed because I knew in the conversation that this was a very different personality from ABBA Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

These writings are right on time and I am very very appreciative of this ministry and it has taught me so much about hearing God's voice. I love my devotional two way journaling with the Godhead and He has showed me so much this last year. Thanks again,

Scotti Coles

Charity Kayembe's picture

Hi Scotti – Thank you so much for this! Such an awesome encounter, and I absolutely love what you said about your angel, Samuel, clearly having a separate and distinct personality that’s different from Jesus’ or Father’s or Holy Spirit’s.

Yes! I feel the exact same way about my angels. Such a good word, that really bears witness with what I've experienced too. I really appreciate you sharing! Lord bless!

Anonymous's picture

Thanks for these blogs about angels. I wonder if you hear their voices audibly or just inside your spirit? Also Doug Addison shared a post today on Facebook about angels. Here's the link:

Daily Prophetic Word for August 14, 2014

Be aware of angels today as God is releasing Heavenly resources that will help you get through.


Anonymous's picture

Just want to add Charity a quick comment.
This blog is priceless and makes heavenly encounters more about lifestyle and the kingdom of God habitational rather than visitational, which is our Abba's good pleasure to give us in Christ.
Awesome value your adding to us who believe in the reality of the supernatural and divine realms as sons and daughters of the KING.
Glory be to God

Charity Kayembe's picture

Thank you so much for this! That is absolutely what I was going for. :) The idea that it doesn't have to be "encounters" or "visitations" where angels come and go. They're always with us! We can always take the initiative to step into that realm and live into the Kingdom reality anytime we choose. All the time! On earth as it is in heaven. Amen!!

Charity Kayembe's picture

Thank you for commenting, and for sharing the link to Doug Addison’s site! What great and timely confirmation. Awesome article!

That’s a good question about hearing them audibly or in my spirit. I hear their voices in my spirit, just like God’s. Spontaneous, flowing thoughts and impressions that light upon my heart and mind. :)

However, they have made some physical noise that I’ve heard with my natural ears on occasion. Most recently, I was in my office and heard something in the corner of the room, over between the window and the air conditioner. I was investigating the noise in the natural, but God said, “Look again, look into the spirit.”

Sure enough, there were all these angels crowded into the corner of my office! I’m like, “God, why are they all crowded in next to the window?”

And He’s like, “They’re not crowded in by the window, they’re crowded in by the air conditioner.”

I said, “Okay, great. :) So... why are all the angels crowded in by the air conditioner then?”

And God said, “Because I make my angels winds…”

Ha! “God, You’re awesome!” What’s the closest thing in my office to wind? The air conditioner, of course. No wonder they were hanging out over there! God just wanted to make His Word that was written 2000 years ago be real to me, in a way I could “get”, and not forget it. Hebrews 1:7 made flesh in my life, in my world. In New York. In 2014. I loved that! :)

Another time, my parents were visiting and they, along with my husband and I, were all in the living room watching an awesome documentary about the supernatural power of God. All of a sudden, right in the middle of it, we heard a sound in the hallway. It sounded exactly like a person walking down the hall, and we really didn’t think a thing of it, assuming one of us was actually in the hall.

Until we looked around the room and realized everyone in the house was in that room, and none of us were in the hallway at all! We made the guys go check out the house, just to be sure, but we realized that our angels were just making their presence "extra" known. And letting us know how much they too enjoyed our movie about the spirit realm. :)

By far, the coolest thing about this experience was the fact that both my mom and I heard the exact same sound – in the natural with our physical ears – at the exact same time. That had never happened before! Totally blockbuster.

Anonymous's picture

My mother (age 75), brother (age 51) and newest addition to the angel-sighting, my grand-daughter, Leaula (age 2), all see Angels. I have never seen Angels nor demons. I've seen Jesus, Apostle Paul and Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit was the most interesting as I would describe Him as a blue man without skin, kinda like a picture you would see in a medical science book that shows the muscle structure of a human being. But, Angels, I would love to be able to see, also. My grand-daughter, Leaula, takes the cake on seeing Angels, though. When she was born and still in the hospital, I picked her up to hold her for the first time. As I held her in my arms, her eyes were wide open, following something with her eyes as it floated around the room. There was nothing apparent that I could see in the room. I knew she was seeing Angels. When she got old enough to understand words, I would ask her where her Angels were and she'd bend forward, put her arms back and lunge forward like she was going to fly. She laughs when I talk about them as she looks around the room at them. She was having dinner at our house a few months back and happened to look up on top of the China cabinet and saw an Angel figurine. She pointed at it, squealed out with glee and laughed.

Thank you for sharing your amazing experiences with seeing Angels, especially this latest article. It makes me feel much safer knowing we are protected and well armed with an innumerable company of Angels. Blessings to your and yours.

Diana M. Mujica
Memphis, TN

Charity Kayembe's picture

Dear Diana – Thank you so much for sharing your family’s wonderful experiences!! What a blessing to have multigenerational angelic interaction. Beautiful!!

My young nieces also see angels and I imagine that kids are even better at seeing in the spirit than us adults. I LOVE your granddaughter’s response to the angelic activity too. The laughing, "flying" and squealing with glee?!! I can just see her angels playing around with her getting her to giggle and smile like that. So precious!!

Thank you very much for sharing with us, Diana. It’s so exciting to hear what the Lord is doing - such encouraging testimonies. God bless you guys in every way!!

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