What's So Great About a CLU College Course? by Pamela Jones

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Pamela Jones' Testimony: Do you have a desire to walk in closer relationship with God?  Would you like to hear Him speak directly to you on a daily basis?  This was my desire when just over a year ago I attended a home group entitled “How to Hear the Voice of God” led by a couple from my church.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, and even though I had walked with the Lord since 1972, and had graduated from Bible College, I knew in my heart that God was able to deepen my relationship with Him if I went after that.

This was my introduction to “Communion with God” with Mark and Patti Virkler.  I enjoyed both the DVD instructional time, and having the interaction and guided practice with others in the group for the 12-week course.  I was pleasantly surprised at how simple the steps were, and yet how profound the results were.  At the conclusion of the home group I discovered that there was an online Christian Leadership University. I decided that I wanted to pursue my Master’s Degree at CLU Online.

When I spoke with Dr. Virkler about which course to begin the Master’s in Christian Counseling, he recommended “Communion With God’ even though I had already taken the course.  Honestly, I had my doubts to begin with about the validity of re-taking the same material, but I am so glad I did.  The difference between taking the home course and the college level course of the same material is like going to a specialty ice cream shop and getting just a “taste” of a flavor ice cream or ordering a heaping double dip waffle cone.  I had a taste in the home course, now I was enjoying the fullness of taste after taste in the college course.

The college level “Communion with God” enabled me to approach the principles in a variety of ways: through DVDs, books, workbook, directed assignments, journaling, and feedback or advice from my spiritual mentor for the course so I was able to acquire the repetition needed to assimilate the truths.  The opportunity for personal application is endless, and I basically could receive from the study as much as I was willing to put into it.  I found the books and other materials to be a rich and extensive volume of resources that will continue to be valuable in the years to come.

The most exciting of all, though, are the transformational results produced by the “lamad” = real life, biblically-grounded, revelation-based learning at CLU.  As I interacted with my real life issues, the Bible, and the Holy Spirit through personal application of the course principles, true transformation truly happened.  At one point I had to take an extended break from my studies to go on a mission trip.  When I returned, I started re-reading my two-way journaling to recapture what the Lord had been speaking to me.  I was astounded at His wisdom, personal attention, and outpouring of love to me as I re-read His words.  I thought to myself, “I am really hearing from God!  This is brilliant, and I know that I am not smart enough to come up with all this!”  What a thrill to know that the God of the universe can speak to me heart to heart, and I can hear and apply to my life His wisdom!

I would heartily recommend serious consideration to taking the course “Communion With God” or any other course from CLU Online.  I am thankful to be on this journey, and I appreciate the mission that the Virklers have to help people grow closer to God.


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Hello Pamela

Hello Pamela,

I agree wholeheartedly with your blog!! I am so enjoying and being blessed tremendously by the Christian Leadership University which Dr. Mark and Pattie Virkler are overseers. Wes and I love them dearly and are growing stronger and stronger in the Word as we are taking the "Journey Through the Bible" course, which is accompanied by an online chat with Dr. Virkler himself. What an adventure IN the Lord we are having!!
I pray God's continued blessings upon the CLU ministry and its staff!!