A Prophetic Dream and a Prophetic Word

Mark Virkler's picture

Below are a couple of prophetic items which have been received around the first of March 2012. I sense God is about to do some great things. Read them and pray about them and see what God speaks to your heart.

Dream of an A-bomb Explosion from Mark Virkler

In the dream I found myself fighting with enemies.

  • An atomic bomb went off and destroyed their building (i.e. an old-looking, ugly warehouse type building). I was nearby but not hurt in the blast.
  • Two enemies came to attack me after the explosion.
  •  I was able to take their sword and defeat them… as they were not trained and were fearful.
  • My wife Patti looked across the landscape, which was now flat and simply, a concrete slab where the ugly warehouse had stood and said, "At least the scenery has cleaned up."
  • I awoke.

Interpretation: I am expecting a mighty blast from God to remove our enemies.


Awaken with a Sound and Trembling from Frank Berry

There is an awakening that is coming, that is coming forth not only in sound but in trembling.  There will be a fear of the Lord that will sprout forth like flowers blooming in the midst of a dry place.  The awakening will stir up the spiritual senses that will be manifested in the natural through the act of faith and obedience to My word.  It will leave a residue that will become a permanent landmark that there has been an encounter with the Holy God.  I will sound out of the mouths of the silent with a voice and word that will shake loose everything that’s holding captive those who belong to Me.  The earth will no longer be unattended but will be cared for by servants and warriors that have been discharged for such a task.  There will be a radiant light that will shine like a beacon-torch and welcome the ones who hunger to taste and see My glory.  Many say that the day is coming, but I say to you that day has arrived for those who reach out by faith and grab hold to the revelation in which the Holy Spirit releases from My mind.