New eBook "The River Journey"

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Are you ready for an adventure? We often say yes, until we are met with the realities of the unknown. If Jesus invited you to take a stroll with Him through a jungle, would you go? Don't worry - what we call a hike in the jungle, Jesus considers a walk in the park!

In The River Journey, Donna Marie Long brings you on her adventure – a summer-long encounter with the Lord. The River Journey is a vision of an adventure with Jesus, full of inspiration and insight about our walk with Him. As you travel down the river with Donna and the Holy Spirit, you'll gain faith and confidence to relinquish your control and find rest as you embrace the journey. You'll delight in the nuggets of wisdom found in these pages.

Mark Virkler's comment: I loved reading this novel! God is speaking throughout the journey and I was captivated by the dialogue between Jesus and the key character. I found Jesus addressing the fears and doubts that arise in my own heart as He asks me to walk with Him in new paths that I often find scary. I found faith growing within me as I eagerly read this short story and listened to the advice from Jesus.

You can easily read this novel in one or two sittings, and it's extremely enjoyable! Since it is a story format, you can even read it to your children and find that their faith will be built up, too. Mine was!

Why not inspire your faith and the faith of your children?

Donna learned how to hear from the Lord as a result of going through the 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice. Now she has provided this beautiful gift back to the body of Christ. May it inspire you to create your own amazing gift to share with others. Thank you, Donna!