Are You Rowing with BOTH Oars?

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To get anywhere in a boat, you need to row with two oars. If you row only with one, you go around and around in circles. Well, the same is true as we row down the river of life. We need to row with both oars, and not just one. May I suggest that one of these oars is the Bible and the other is the Holy Spirit?

For years I rowed with one oar only, that being the Bible. I studied it with my mind, but there was no revelation in my heart. I went through my Bible college experience this way. I came out of college with a head full of theology but no revelation knowledge. Then when I learned how to hear God’s voice, I went back through the Bible with the Holy Spirit at my side and God replaced much of my wrong theology with insights and illuminations I had never seen before. I even wrote an entire book on what I was learning. It is entitled 49 Lies I Repented of When I Renounced Phariseeism and is 100+ pages of my journaling, with God lovingly “opening up Scriptures" and explaining to me His truths which I was to embrace to replace the lies I was currently believing. So God removed 49 lies (i.e. prisons I was trapped in), and set me free and provided a wonderful new platform for me to move forward in the Holy Spirit.


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Now I was rowing with BOTH oars. I was meditating on Scriptures with the Holy Spirit at my side. He was revealing truth to my heart and it was on fire with new insights which I was gaining. It reminded me of the disciples' words as they walked down the road of Emmaus with Jesus at their side. They exclaimed, "Were not our hearts burning within us while He was opening Scriptures to us?" (Lk. 24:32) I had found myself in Scripture. I was living Scripture. I was experiencing what they had experienced! I was discovering the Bible was meant to be lived, not just studied. It had taken me 10 years as a Christian to come to this point. But finally I had arrived.


I am eager to share this experience with you! You, too, can row with both oars! You can explore Scriptures under the illumination of the Holy Spirit, and we can teach you how. We have prepared a Through the Bible Workbook which guides you through a revelation-based learning approach as you come to Scripture. And more than that, we will even be meeting online weekly (for those who desire) to share the revelations we are receiving from the Lord (or you can meet weekly with your own home group, or do this series on your own).

We have an outstanding British scholar, Dr. Andrew Hardy, sharing the Bible story with you week by week (video or audio – your choice) as you prayerfully read the assigned Scripture section for that week. You and/or your group can participate in this amazing revelation-based learning experience.

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So come, explore and discover the joy of rowing with BOTH oars, and proceeding to the destination God has chosen for you. I look forward to you joining with us as we begin this Bible Lover's Series starting the first week of September!

Add your comments below: Have you ever felt like you're just going in circles spiritually, not going deeper or making any progress? Have you ever been trained how to row with both oars, the Bible and the Spirit together? What was the result?