CLU Grad MaryAnn Diorio Is Making a Mark for Jesus

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MaryAnn Diorio has received a doctorate in Christian Counseling from Christian Leadership University. She is touching the world for Christ! We are proud of what God is doing through her as she writes, teaches and counsels. Read her testimony below...

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As a CLU graduate I would like to give glory to God for what He has been doing through me. Here are a few praise reports:

  • My e-book, You Were Made for Greatness!, was recently published and is now available through AmazonSmashwords, and other sites.  My book deals with the believer's identity in Christ and how to walk in that identity with authority, power, and consistent victory.
  • My weekly devotional, Winning with the Word, serves as a discipleship tool for helping believers live the victorious Christian life. It is available by subscription at the link indicated.
  • I was hired as Adjunct Professor of Writing by Regent University to develop and teach a course on writing fiction.  

Thank you for the part that you and CLU played in preparing me to do my part in proclaiming and enforcing God's Kingdom on earth. Besides worshipping the Father through Christ and by Holy Spirit's power, there is no greater joy I have than pointing others to Jesus!  He is the Beginning, the End, and Everything in between!  Hallelujah! :)  



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re: CLU Grad MaryAnn Diorio . . .

Thank you very much for posting my praise report, Dr. Virkler! May others be encouraged in their own walk with the Lord as He graciously fulfills his purposes for them in and through their lives.


MaryAnn Diorio