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Angels: My Personal Hegais

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Today we're going to have my daughter, Charity Kayembe, share the next segment of her exciting blog series with us.

Welcome to part six of Angels: God's Servants, My Friends. If you would like to read about the day Jesus introduced me to my guardian angels, as well as some Scripture verses He highlighted for me about them, please check it out here.

The Inside Scoop

What are some ways my angels assist me? And maybe even in a different, helpful way from the Lord's own personal intervention Himself? I mean, I’m a daughter of God! What do they know that I don’t, and how did they find it out anyway?

Well for one thing, they’ve been around a lot longer. They’ve seen more, they get how life works – the enemy’s tactics for one. And also about heaven, and Jesus. They’ve been watching Father and Jesus and Holy Spirit and how they do things and what's best for them for (almost) forever. I just showed up a few decades ago; my angels have been serving Father for millennia. They know what blesses Him more than I do. They know what Jesus likes better than I do.

In a Multitude of Counselors…

It’s kind of like Esther preparing to spend her night with the King. All the maidens could pick anything they wanted for the evening, but what did Esther do?

She talked to Hegai, the king’s eunuch, who obviously would have known the king much better than Esther did – and she asked him what he recommended. So that’s what she took, and she found favor (Esther 2:15).

Similarly, I’m betrothed to Christ and want to bless Him, love Him and serve Him and Father in ways they appreciate most. What’s best for them? How do they like to be worshiped? What do they enjoy hearing whispered in their ears from the lips of their children? What makes them laugh or brings them the most joy and pleasure?

Loving Love Himself

Since my angels have been observing various worship and acts of service and love expressed from millions of children down through the ages, I believe they have more insight about all of the above than I do. So in a way, angels can be like our Hegais. Great advice givers who know more about some God things than we do simply because they’ve been around longer, hung out with Him more, and have seen His relationships play out with His family over and over again.

It's like when I threw Leo a surprise party shortly after we were married and wanted it to be extra special. So unbeknownst to him, I talked with his family, who unlike me, had known him all his life. That way I could get everything just perfect and exactly how he'd want it to be.

And so it is with Jesus. I want to love Him in His love language. And while the irony of trying to "surprise" an omniscient God is not lost on me, I still think He appreciates the gesture. I know that I have captured His heart with a single glance of my eyes (Song of Solomon 4:9). When He feels that much for me, how can I not give Him my best love in return?

For God’s Sake

That’s how it makes it be about HIM. It’s not angels for angels' sakes. They would never stand for that! They always defer to God. Always talk about Jesus. Always and only have His interests and work at heart. The reason that I’m my angels’ whole world is because I’m their assignment. They bless Father by taking care of me because that’s what He’s asked of them. So they do it perfectly and faithfully and happily, because they love God too and live to serve and honor Him.

The way I see it is that if our angels can help us be better children of God, and better friends of Holy Spirit, and better lovers of Jesus... what could be better than that?

What About You?

Have your guardian angels helped fill you in on anything lately? Have they given you the scoop on any aspects of the kingdom, or serving our King?

We had some great comments back on our last blog! If you haven't seen those awesome angel stories yet, you'll definitely want to check them out at the end of the article.

And please feel free to continue sharing your experiences with us in the comments below! We absolutely love hearing what heaven looks like to you. :)

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Meeting Maxi

I just had my first conversation with one of my angels, Maxi. She is crazy (in a good way) and excited about us finally talking. I had been praying for the Lord to open my eyes so that I could see spiritual things. I have always been afraid of spirit things because I felt I would only attract darkness. Since taking the course Supernaturally Natural I am compelled to know more, see more and hear more! I read Charity's blogs about angels and asked the Lord to help me to see mine. I wanted that kind of relationship too.

This morning I was introduced to Maxi who has been with me since conception in my mother's womb! I can't see what she looks like yet, but I hear her clearly...all morning! She talks a lot!!! But I love it!!!!!! She's exciting and energetic and overjoyed that we can finally talk to each other. I was nervous at first, not sure if I was making this up or not. Then I remembered the Kingdom of God is near me, received by faith and everything that comes from God is GOOD! I had been praying for this so why shouldn't I expect it to be from Him. I then thought that darkness has kept me afraid to understand the supernatural. This is different, but I choose to believe that because I am asking, my Father is granting. This IS the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it!!

Also, Maxi was talking and got so excited, she said, "Let's worship! Isn't God awesome!!" We had been talking about how she had been with me even though I was unaware, but He still involved Himself in my life, even through giving me Maxi! When I heard her say that, I knew she was sent from Heaven for sure!

So, here we world is about to turn right side up!!!!!!!

Charity Kayembe's picture

RE: Meeting Maxi

Awesome to hear what God is up to in your life - Maxi sounds fabulous! She seems just like you - full of God's life and love and overflowing with it. She's your perfect angelic match! :)

You're right, it's definitely God. He's answering your prayers! And what is the fruit of your conversations with Maxi? You're blessed, right? More joyful? More peaceful? Even more excited about God and all He has for you? That is great because we know we can judge our spiritual experiences by the fruit they produce in our lives. Peace, joy, faith - that's some good fruit! Not to mention, then Maxi encouraged you to worship God. Total confirmation!

My angels were exactly like yours when we started interacting - SO much to say, because they've been waiting our whole lives to have these conversations with us! Same as you mentioned, listening tends to me to be easier than looking too, and I also heard my angels more clearly than I saw them, especially at first. You are doing GREAT. :) Keep it up!

Anonymous's picture

Testimonial about angels while I looked up

I have been thinking more about angels lately and how I did not truly consult them because I believed that they were helping others for some reason. At least that is what I heard and just took as the truth. Recently I had an experience with these winged friends that I would like to testify about since this blog re-opened my mind to them. It is hard to bring this up without context but here I go, I will try to be succinct.

After my generational prayer sessions..I lived through another 1 week again living these past wounds and did not know what to do anymore since they come and go and I expected to be freed by now.

However I have been seeking spiritual renewal since November 2013 and I have tried to figure the solutions to free myself from this negative feeling following me. So after a few days of this feeling again and while I was walking to my grocery, I had a winged revelation. I find that walking releases good I was walking I decided to say it as it is.. "Lord, I am fed up!" As soon as I said that I had this urge to look up in the skies...and what did I see, a very large surprise...

I saw 2 winged things flying in the sky of which one was a dove with wings and the other had 2 wings of course and a face...2 were very large and going in different directions. I took pics of them. I love the dove more since it felt more peaceful.

I am still in awe and I am humbled by this instant response to my stress call...

And if anyone wants to look at the 2 pics I am happy to share..since I am still meditating on them and perhaps it is meant for sharing too and the winged one is still puzzling me a bit.

Thank you for listening straight from my raw life.