Can a Demon Speak While a Person Is Prophesying?

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Question from Sally: Hi. I am just wondering if a demon can speak to a person while that person is delivering a prophetic word. Would God not protect the individual who is serving Him at the time of sharing a word?

I once shared a prophetic word and while I mentioned that God was going to work relationally, I heard a voice speak to me saying "Sam and Sally" (names have been changed).

Now I am Sally and at the time of this happening I was not divorced yet and this man (Sam) is still not divorced. Both our spouses committed infidelity. After this happened, even though I did not accept the words as being from God, I did have more spiritual encounters regarding this man and his family which included dreams and visions. I would hear God say, “Come and sing to Me,” and I would worship Jesus and all of a sudden I receive a vision pertaining to this man.

Can this be from God especially while sharing a word, or can a demon speak to me while sharing a word? I have researched spirits of divination and it seems as though these can imitate God's way of speaking. Is there any way you could direct me or give some info at least?Thank you.

Answer: I believe there are at least three issues which come into play here that need to be considered:

One issue is that whenever romance or sex is involved we need to make sure to double check the flow with our three spiritual advisors, as they will not have the same romantic involvement as we do. Sex and romance are referred to as a “fountain” within us (Prov. 5:18,19). The Holy Spirit is also a river within that flows. So both the Holy Spirit and sexuality are flows within us. It is easy to mix up these flows. That is why we get things confirmed by the mouth of 2-3 witnesses (2 Cor. 13:1).

Another issue is that praying (or prophesying) with an idol in your heart causes one to get a distorted answer back from God (Ezek. 14:4). We would define an idol as anything larger in your consciousness than the Lord. If romantic attraction (or loneliness) loomed largely in your heart, that could easily make the prophetic flow impure.

Finally, we must always remember that all prophecy is conditional (Ezek. 33:13-15), so mankind’s responses to what God speaks affect the outcome (consider Jonah and Nineveh).

We cover the above issues in greater depth in our book 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice. If you haven't read it yet, I trust it will be helpful to you. God bless as you continue to seek His voice and His heart!