Russian Translation Funded with $3000 Gift

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A special thanks to Gurian and Robyn-Jane Chernishov for giving a contribution of $3000 to our “Adopt-a-Language” program. This donation is allowing 47 key teachings by Mark Virkler to be translated into Russian. We are so grateful to Gurian and Robyn-Jane for this amazing gift!

Gurian’s Background

Gurian was born in an extremely remote village near the Silk Route, in Xinjiang, China, into a Russian family who belonged to a community of ‘Old Believers’. When communism came to Russia, Gurian’s family had fled into China in order to keep their religion. Gurian was 12, and because his younger brother is disabled, the family was allowed to come to New Zealand for the free medical care, which is where they now reside.

Gurian has learned how to do two-way journaling through the training materials on 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice. He sent the following email with his financial gift.

I would like to share with you a vision I had some time ago during my journaling. At the time I did not understand it, but as I have meditated on it, over time I have begun to understand the symbolism more and more, and now I believe it’s (at least partly) about your material going into Russia. It was an unusual vision as it had a choice of two different endings, like some children’s story books do. I share it because it contains encouragement, and in the second ending a warning.

Gurian’s Vision - 14th March 2009

I was sucked up my portal, met Jesus after passing through 2nd heaven, and we flew together, doing a victory roll on the way. We flew North East to Russia. We stopped over Russia, and I struggled with not wanting to be there. I asked God to help me yield. Then golden rays of goodness and light came out from us towards Russia, like a watering can with a very wide angle spread. After a while the rays turned to more solid ‘blessings’.

Tall trees began to sprout up quickly. Some people grew large like trees. Others (trees and people) stayed smaller, but still large enough to see from our vantage point – which was now closer to earth than before. Fruits began to grow on the trees. They dropped off and quickly sprouted on the ground around/near the big trees; growing into more trees. Soon, whole forests grew up, covering the land and only being separated by roads and having white houses sprinkled among them.

A fire came from the North West. It swept across the trees but did not consume them. Soon the whole forest was ablaze with huge flames. Tiny toy-sized planes and helicopters (like the ones you used to find in the cornflakes and rice bubbles) were flying overhead trying to put out the flames…
(There were two alternative outcomes after this point in time in the vision…)
Ending A:

The flames melted the aircraft like toys made of plastic. They melted, burned, and fell into the flames. The fire raged hotter, higher, whiter. Soon everything on the ground was sterilized by its white-hot heat. Fireballs began to come out of Russia and to land in neighboring countries in the South West; the Baltic States, Scandinavia, the Middle East - even far afield like Africa. Wherever they landed they set the land on fire.

The powers of darkness were in turmoil; twisting and turning, and trying to get away from the light/flames. They rose above/off the earth like smoke above a fire. No longer could they stay on earth where the flames were – which was much of earth. Stirred up and seriously distressed, displaced from where they had been dwelling, they assembled in 2nd heaven to watch in horror what the glory of the Lord was doing on the earth. The light on earth began to pulsate, brighter and brighter, till the glory became one big blaze – too bright to look at. The globe was ablaze with glory - shining far out into space, evident for all to see. Blazing, shimmering glory; pulsating with life.
Jesus came and swept the glory off the earth with one sweep of His arm, like a brilliantly white cloth. The glory turned into His bride and she was suddenly standing beside Him in all her glory.
Ending B:

In one place the tiny toy-sized planes and helicopters which were flying overhead trying to put out the flames succeeded with far more success than their tiny aircraft could possibly do leaving a smoldering blackened mess (unbelief and discouragement). There became more and more holes in the flaming forest.
So this is why we are so interested in Russia. She has been on our heart for a very long time. The people are wonderfully warm and hospitable. Generous to a fault. But they need light and liberty, and your material going in there will help this, Mark. I’m so thankful this can happen. They desperately need it. (Gurian and Robyn-Jane Chernishov)

The Next Connection – Lyle Thomas

The day I (Mark Virkler) received the above email from Gurian and Robyn-Jane, I was on Skype, talking with a CLU student, Lyle Thomas. Lyle is a missionary, serving in the North East of Russia (exactly where Gurian's vision indicated a revival would break out). Lyle is just completing the Communion With God course, and has become an avid journaler with a passion to teach others how to hear God’s voice.

So Lyle and his team have been put in charge of the translation project of these 47 key teachings into Russian. It is exciting for me to see God bring all these wonderful events together!

We thank God for everyone who helps spread the message of How to Hear God’s Voice in whatever way God is directing them. Would you pray about “Adopting a Language” or beginning a home group? Let’s team up and spread revival across this world. Lighting people’s lives from the inside out is the best way I know to do this.

Let's spread the fire!



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This vision speaks to me a lot.

In the past I have translated Dr. Mark Virkler's books into Russian. I am American citizen and know Russian language very well (maybe near perfect, if there is such thing). I worked 8 years as a proofreader of Russian language back when I lived in Russia. I am very interested in helping with the project and I want to make sure that Dr. Virkler's teachings find their way to Russia. My contact email: Gloryan[email protected] My name is Barbara Kashkan. I even met Dr. Virkler once in person when he was ministering in our church (Life Center Ministries Int. in Harrisburg, PA). I am excited!

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Project completed

Barbara, Thanks for your passion and support. This project is completed and the free, translated products are here: If you have interest in translating other books by Virkler, email [email protected] thanks.