Re-posting Blogs or Linking to CWG's Website

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If your passion is to inspire and train people to walk by the Spirit and you feel any of our blogs would be a blessing to your readers, you are welcome to re-post full blogs or portions of blogs or link to them. An ideal way to do this would be to quote a section and discuss how it relates to your own situation or personal experience, and then link over to the full original source on our website. If you re-post an entire blog, conclude it with the following credit, which you can copy and paste: Originally posted at, © Mark and Patti Virkler.

Everyone wins!

  1. You website grows in stature as you continue to add good quality content for your readers.
  2. Your readers love you because you are providing them with keys to kingdom living.
  3. Our website grows as your links make the search engines happy, and provide your readers access to our website and services.
  4. The Kingdom of God grows as more and more individuals learn to live and walk by the Spirit.

Hows that for win, win, win, win!

Finding blogs and articles for reposting