The Ocean

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The following journaling is from Brenda Shannon-Muniz who is enrolled as a student in the How to Hear God's Voice course at Catch the Fire School of Ministry in Sugarland, Texas. What a powerful picture of the Lord's love for us! Read and be encouraged today.

My beloved child, I want you to imagine this. You are standing on the shore line of an ocean. It’s a beautiful clear day (a no problem day for you). You stand & watch as the waves come in toward you. The waves are high, magnificent in beauty, waves crashing down in front of you. A peacefulness & calmness assures & envelops you. This is Me, My child, showing you My constant love for you! Waves & waves of My love crashing down ever so peaceful, perfect & gently over you, surrounding you.

Now, My child recognize the undertow trying to pull you toward those waves. That’s Me, My beloved, showing you I am constantly & endlessly pulling you toward Me. As the ocean is so determined to have this constant feat, so are My arms in this motion, open to receive you always.

Now envision THIS, My beloved! You are standing at that same shore line again & the day is different. It’s dark, dreary, hurricane weather, a big storm (troubled day for you). Now stand & watch as waves & waves appear, still magnificent in beauty but in a different way. They are mightier, faster, more powerful crashing down showing no mercy to anything in its path. Nothing can stop them! Now, I want you to open your eyes & see Me! I am showing you My mightiness! I will not allow anything to stand in My way because of My love for you. My waves surround you, protect you, nothing can harm you or come against you because My strength surrounds you, My power surrounds you if you put your trust in Me.

Again, as you envision standing at the water’s edge, you are feeling an extraordinary pull, much, much more undertow than on that beautiful clear day. The undertow is so strong, your legs feel weak to its strength & you lose your balance, you can no longer stand on your own. KNOW again, that’s ME trying to draw you toward Me into My arms in these troubled times of yours. I WANT you to see My force of wanting to be with you even more in your storms than on your beautiful days! I do send others to comfort you in times such as this. Though I would much rather you seek & come to Me first so I can comfort you in My way, a way no one else can possibly give you because they do not know you like I know you.

NOW! My darling one, know you no longer have to imagine. KNOW I AM in all places! You just need to look around & you WILL see My Presence surrounding you, just trust & seek Me.

I AM there for you. Be still & know that I AM God! My sweet child, remember….. I AM your Daddy! I love you! You are Mine!

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