Why Is It No Longer Healthy to Eat Bread?

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Question: Can you please explain to me why Dr. Mercola's website discourages eating grains when the Bible has Scriptures directing us to eat grains? 

I eat the Ezekiel Bread and other organic bread. Jesus multiplied bread and fish to feed the hungry thousands who were following him. In fact, Jesus himself ate bread. Can you then make sense as to why people are telling us not to eat grains? Barbara Jean

Answer: Well, that is a great question! I asked it myself, especially after praying the Lord's Prayer, "Give us this day our daily bread."  How could bread not be good for us?

The answer is, they have messed up the grains which make the bread. In the last 50 years, scientists have altered the seeds from which grain is produced. Their goal was a bigger, more durable, pest resistant crop of grain, which they got. However the price we paid for this was that we now have GMO food (genetically modified organisms). Now grains have about 19% gluten in them rather than the 2% that God designed. And, of course, many people are discovering they have gluten sensitivities.

Of the 196 nations in the world today, about 26 have some sort of ban on GMO seeds and about 26 countries allow GMO seeds.

So the solution is to go back to God's seeds. You can click here to check out the Institute for Responsible Technology, and learn all about GMOs and also purchase non-GMO seeds. If you are going to eat grains then you're right: sprouted Ezekiel bread and other organic breads are the best options.

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Gluten Free Bread

There are several bakeries here in the Portland, OR area, one of which is Happy Campers. Web is www.happycampersgf.com They bake on Sunday and ship Monday morning so we get it fresh! Grains are: Whole Teff, Whole Buckwheat, Whole Millet, Whole Quinoa, and Whole Amaranth. Check it out, if you would. Thanks, Sondra

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Eating Grains/ Breads

Hi Dr Virkler,

I developed a gluten sensitivity and began to research it. Organic bread just means they don't use pesticides so that has nothing to do with the grain itself being GMO. I have found several places around the country that are growing 'heirloom' wheat, corn and other grains. This heirloom grain is what we were eating over 50 yrs ago before they started modifying the grains. I purchased some Red Fife wheat from www.goodearthmill.com in Minnesota. Rachel Hollerich and her husband grow the grains on their farm (organically) and when I placed my order she slow ground my wheat fresh that evening on a stone mill and I received my wheat fresh by post.
YUM! I have had no sensitivity to her wheat AT ALL! Thank God! Nothing like a hot fresh loaf of whole wheat bread! She uses the "whole" grain too, bran and all. That's the kind of wheat Jesus ate!

Lori Jett