New Product Catalog for CWG Ministries

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You've been asking for it and it's finally here! I know it is long overdue but we are happy to announce that we now have an amazing product catalog available! Its 32 pages are full color and glossy listing all of the resources offered through Communion With God Ministries. You can view and download a PDF version of it here. Residents of the USA may request a catalog when they place an order or by using the contact form here, and outside the USA, you're welcome to request a copy at checkout when you place an order to be shipped to you.

It is the summary of more than 30 years of work by Mark and Patti Virkler, and contains all their books as well as books by others which include two-way journaling.

Our New Emphasis Is Small Group Training Packages (Pages 24-32)

Whether you have a home group, a cell church, a Sunday school class or simply a few friends, we have bundled DVDs, workbooks and books into 3-month training experiences, where you bring in an anointed trainer and focus intensely as a group on mastering a new skill in the Lord. The teaming up and focusing helps guarantee your success, and using the DVDs allows any group anywhere to enjoy some top teachers from around the world.

Our training packages: (Listed online here)

  1. How to Hear God's Voice                   (New "Leaders Bonus Resources" now available!)
  2. Prayers That Heal the Heart              (New "Leaders Bonus Resources" now available!)
  3. Counseled By God                            (New "Leaders Bonus Resources" available soon.)
  4. Hear God Through Your Dreams      (New "Leaders Bonus Resources" available soon.)
  5. Eden's Health Plan - Go Natural!      (New "Leaders Bonus Resources" available soon.)
  6. How to Walk by the Spirit                  (New "Leaders Bonus Resources" available soon.)
  7. Through the Bible (Series of eight courses, taking you section by section through the Bible) We have the "Life of Christ" and the "Epistles and Revelation" completed, and the other 6 segments of "Through the Bible" are all taped and in post-production, to be released over the next few months. British scholar Dr. Andrew Hardy is the instructor, and the focus is "hearing God through Scripture."

Would You Like to Bless a Church Library or a Friend with EVERYTHING Virklers Have Produced?

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