After Three Decades Suffering from Poor Digestion, One Year of Focused Effort Brings Breakthrough!

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Once you live through something, you can speak with more confidence concerning it. I have just successfully restored my intestines. Gluten, sugar and low HCL in my stomach allowed for a bacterial overgrowth in my intestines, which then allowed for a candida overgrowth, which then caused a leaky gut, which then caused a re-occurring skin rash. All have been resolved now, without drugs. Praise God!

I have written about improving digestion and restoring a leaky gut. Since all disease begins in the gut, there is no way you can give too much attention to resolving your gut issues. I lived with poor digestion for 35 years, because I did not focus long enough on it to understand it and resolve it. Very unfortunate.

I have been astounded at how long it has taken me to understand digestion, and fix it, along with the resulting overgrowth of intestinal bacteria, candida, leaky gut and then a  resulting skin rash. It has taken a year of focused effort, but it obviously is worth it. So take a year if necessary, and wrestle with any gut issues you may have, and don't stop until they are resolved, naturally and without drugs, as drugs often create even more problems. 

A summary of the key things I do

To maintain proper intestinal flora I take 2-3 probiotics in the morning on an empty stomach.

To experience good digestion 

With a snack or meal I consume the following. The amount is based on 1) how big the meal is and 2) how much liquid I am going to drink with the meal.

To maintain a healthy colon

Since I continue to consume a bit of bread and sugar, and these both feed the issues, my counter-attack is to continue to take two tablespoons of aloe mixed with two tablespoons of colloidal silver once a day. Colloidal silver kills bacteria, and aloe carries the colloidal silver all the way to the colon so it is effective there, plus aloe heals the colon wall.

I also take two SF722 capsules once or twice a day (kills fungus and bacteria in the gut), and this Candida Cleanse daily (kills Candida). (Incidentally the SF722 can be applied topically on a rash being caused by a fungus or bacteria within, as can Tea Tree Oil or coconut oil, which in this article is shown to fight yeast infections. Coconut oil can be taken by the spoonful internally or added to coffee and consumed. Explore coconut oil's amazing health benefits.)

Afternoon energy drink

At 3:00 PM when I am looking for a pick-me-up, I mix a scoop of each of the following into about 8 oz. of water:

And if you want to add other things, by all means, go ahead. We do: Turmeric, Fulvic ionic minerals, B-12Cellyte

Anxiety and stress stored within my cells

This was healed by Clearing Cellular Memories - A Prayer Workshop For Healing Emotional Roots to Diseases, and it resulted in improved sleep and health.

Go Deeper - Get Healthy!

Check out this entire blog series on Vibrant Health! - Miracles PLUS Gifts of Healings. Working through this series on health is ideal for both individuals and groups. The more we take responsibility for ourselves - spirit, soul and body - the healthier we become! Won't you join me in living to at least 100 in vibrant health?

Thankfully, I have not needed a MD appointment for the last 25 years of my life! Thank You, Lord!