Grandchildren Journaling

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This is an exciting occasion: Bekah and Jasmine, our 5 and 7-year-old granddaughters, have begun journaling! What a joy for grandparents! So of course, I need to post their first entries so you all can celebrate with me. Bekah's is first, followed by Jasmine's.

From Bekah (Boo)

The translation, in case you need it: I the Lord Jesus Christ has came down from heaven. I came from heaven because I love you.

And now from Jasmine

Transcription: Dear Jesus, I am going to Florida away from my friends, but you are with me!

She's dancing with Jesus on a cloud. She has a jewel on her head, and he has a red beard. 
(she said she didn't mean to give him a red beard. It was supposed to be brown!)

Thank You, Lord, that Your blessings are to our children and our children's children, and that Your mercy extends from generation to generation!

To teach your own little ones how to hear God's voice check out the children's version of the "4 Keys" message: Living with Jesus 3: Talking and Listening



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Journaling with my 2 sons

This is so precious! Thank you for sharing! I "journal" with my sons as well. Isaiah is 8 and Caleb is 5 1/2 years old. Sometimes they will journal by themselves. But more often I will follow the "4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice" with my children, where I will do the writing for them while they describe their encounter with Jesus to me "real time". I find they get so much more this way. What my children have experienced with the Lord, and what He has spoken to them is truly remarkable! Isaiah, who turned 8 years old this week, has been on the moon with Jesus, he has flown with Jesus from the moon to the clouds, he has jumped on the clouds with Jesus, and laid in the clouds with Jesus as they have drawn constellations together in the sky (connecting the stars) while Jesus tells my son He loves him more than all the stars in the sky. On another occasion, my son has seen Jesus writing in cursive as He connects the stars, again declaring His love for my son through the words He writes in the sky. (Your granddaughter’s drawing in the clouds with Jesus touched my heart because of what Isaiah has experienced recently.) What the Lord has spoken to Isaiah has been astonishing, and scripturally accurate. As just one example, my son was struggling in an area a few weeks ago. I had coached him for days through prayer, love, grace, and reading scripture, etc. When we were not getting anywhere, I finally realized it was time to present Jesus. So I used the 4 Keys and journaled for Isaiah as he shared with me what was happening. He saw Satan victorious in the area in question initially, but within moments, my son saw Jesus conquer Satan, and put Satan in jail. My son described the scene to me. He said 39 demons were guarding the jail Satan was in (in hell) so Satan could not escape. My son actually saw Satan glowing and shining. He told me, “Mommy, he looks like an angel of light inside the jail cell, so that's why the demons won't let him out.” Jesus went on to speak powerful truths to my son, and my son is now walking in greater victory in the area in question. This encounter led to complete and lasting breakthrough. As a homeschooling mom, I’ve witnessed it firsthand! I have had several opportunities to remind my son since then that whenever he feels frustrated etc., he can go back to the clouds with Jesus and remember what Jesus spoke to him there. As he turns to Jesus, and keeps his eyes fixed on Jesus, Jesus returns him to joy! I am so grateful for this invaluable tool to hear God’s voice. It has blessed my whole family in countless ways already, and this is just the beginning. Thank you, Mark & Patti!

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Would like to get this set for my son!

My son is three.  This is very exciting!  "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." - 3 John 1:4

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remembering my daughter at that age

This was years ago long before I got Mark's training. I never even thought to ask for the Holy Spirit for my infant. Yet, even in the crib, my daughter would pray in tongues before she could sit up. I used to take her with me to prayer groups and nestle her inside my coat to my side while I and the other mothers prayed and interceded in tongues each week, that is until the pastor's wife found out and forbid it, saying it would distract others (even though I had been keeping her with me for months already.) At age 3 or was it 4? one day she was playing with her dolls and singing a song we could not understand which had a rhyming pattern and the name Jesus sprinkled through it. When asked what she was doing she replied, "I am making my dollies happy."
Her older brother wanted the Holy Spirit too. So I gave him a long lecture I had heard from a famous preacher on the subject. He didn't "get it" but asked if he could say something first. So I stopped and said "yes" and he replied "Dear Jesus, May I have Your Holy Spirit?" And then, had the most glorious time of dancing and singing and shouting saying "Can you feel it? Right here (pointing to his tummy) It feels so happy!"
All this to say Psalms 8:2, "Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger."
You don't have to make it complicated. Just LET the children come to Him.