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Christmas Devotionals (23 of 25) by Jason Major

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Read MATTHEW 2:23

“Come to the door; and knock on the door.  Look around you in the vision; it is snowing outside.  It is beautiful isn’t it?  Be at rest; and come inside.  The fireplace is warm; and is ready to go.  How I have enjoyed spending all this time with you at My Christmas house.”

“I want to give you a big hug right now; and hold you tightly in My love. For I know the thoughts and plans for your future, to give you hope and to give you joy.”

“Sit, rest, as I pour some cool fruit punch with ice and give it to you, as well as some cheese and a little plate with some lunch meat finger food on it.”

“I see your heart today; you need to be reminded of your hope being restored.”

“Today, I opening up one of the little Bibles that are on the shelf and I am reading from this Matthew Chapter 2. This is the end of the Nativity Story.”

“After Joseph and Mary had escaped Bethlehem and fled to Egypt; they stayed there until an angel spoke to Joseph in a dream. In this story; the story ends with Mary and Joseph coming back to Nazareth. When you have read all of the Scripture in Matthew and Luke, you see the Nativity story begins and ends with them in Nazareth.”

“The story ended with them coming back home.  They came back home to where they were from. Now, there are many biblical questions for you to meditate on and search your heart about. These chapters of the Bible do not say whether people knew Mary had her baby out of wedlock or whether with Joseph.  What you know is that despite their fears about what people might think, they chose to go back home. They also expressed Joseph’s fear of Herod.  When you read the story, you see that Joseph still chose to come back home to Nazareth; wisely hearing from Me where to go and what to do.”

“Then the story of the Nativity ends, and Mary and Joseph grow up with Jesus in Nazareth.  This is the last appearance of Joseph in the Gospel of Matthew. Joseph’s last appearance is him coming out of Egypt, and the fulfillment of prophecy. The first Joseph’s last appearance was his bones coming out of Egypt, and the fulfillment of prophecy.”

“Let Me encourage you today- I was with Joseph and I am with you today too.  I will fulfill all the dreams and prophecies all over your life.  I will bring you home.”

“I see how you look at the future with fear and you are looking for wisdom.  Joseph was afraid; yes, the angel of the Lord had warned him in the past to avoid Herod; yet he still remained in fear of Herod and what he could do. He still needed wisdom whether to stay in Egypt or return home- in short, he needed direction which God provided through dreams, prophecy and timing. The timing was important. The prophecy about the child being called a Nazarene had already been written. That still needed to be fulfilled at the correct time, the right timing.”

“I am here with you; child, to fulfill and finish your story.  I don’t want you to be afraid, or to be worried about what will happen next.  I am here with you.  I want you to build a level of trust and wisdom so that you hear My heart, you hear My voice calling to you in the day and in the night; giving you the wisdom – where should I go?”

“I see your heart.  You’re not sure where to turn; and you are burdened by looking for answers. I am here to be your answer.  I am here to give you the peace that you are looking for.”

“Share your heart with Me. Share with Me your real feelings about the direction where your life is right now- and which direction you should go.  I already see your heart; your question.  I want the best for you; I want you to see the end of this chapter, so that we can move on to a new chapter.”

“I am here; please, now, share your heart; then listen for Me to answer your questions.”

Journal Entry: Help me to share my true feelings about my life situation with You. What do You want to say to me during this Christmas time about what is going on in my heart this season?


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