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How I Learned It Is Right to Commission Angels

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When I first looked and saw my guardian angel, I saw a 10-foot warrior angel, dressed with armor and shield and sword. He was standing at attention and motionless at my side. After seeing this for several days and feeling perplexed, I asked myself, “Does he think the war is over? I’m sure still fighting.” So since I couldn’t figure it out, I went to the Lord in two-way journaling and asked Him why my warrior angel was doing nothing.

Jesus answered, “Because you have never commissioned him.”

I said, “Well, I thought angels were under Your authority, not mine.”

His response was, “Yes, they are under My authority, but I have seated you with Me to rule and reign (Eph. 1:21; 2:6; Gen. 1:28; Ps. 8:6), and part of your training for rulership is to commission your angel. As long as you are under My authority, your guardian angel will be under your authority. If you ever step out from under My authority, then your guardian angel will no longer be under your authority. Commission him to fight. He will go, he will fight and he will win.”

So I began commissioning my warrior angel, and sure enough, I would see him go, flash his sword a couple of times, win and return within seconds. The name "Mark" means "strong defender" and it makes sense that I have a warrior angel at my side because I am a "defender of truth".

Others have different kinds of angels at their sides, depending on their personalities and the need in their life. My daughter Charity's guardian angels are there to guard her peace and joy, because that is what she needs protecting, so they laugh and joke a lot. Charity has a book coming out in August 2018 on Everyday Angels. You will love it.

So you can ask the Lord about the angels He has assigned to you and you can talk with them by tuning to flowing thoughts and flowing pictures as you look at them and speak with them. John dialogued with angels in the book of Revelation, and journaled out his dialogue, which is how the book of Revelation was created!