New CLU Course Available to ALL! "LEA401 Mental Fitness Challenge"

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It has been said that everyone wants to change the world but few feel the need to change themselves. Even a basic study of history, however, demonstrates that those who first focus upon self-improvement usually end up doing the most good in the world. Why should this be so? It may stem from the fact that excellence doesn’t occur by accident, but rather from intentional effort correctly applied over time. Subsequently, the example of excellence increases the ability of the bearer to influence others. The much touted “ripple effect” then takes hold; change resonating outward in ever widening circles from the genesis of a lone individual who cared to change his or her own life first.

This new course "LEA401 The Mental Fitness Challenge" (MFC) is an effective tool for engendering such change, and it can now be taken for college credit through Christian Leadership University ( CLU is an online Christian college and theological seminary that focuses on helping students to “learn to clearly and consistently hear the voice of God.” The university is accredited by Christian Accreditation International (CAI) and certified by the Association of Christian Educators and Administrators (ACEA) (not by the government) and offers Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees in Biblical Studies, Christian Arts, Christian Counseling, Christian Entrepreneurship, and Christian Leadership, as well as several other major fields of study.

Because of the workload involved, the MFC course offered through CLU LEA401 is a 13-week senior or graduate-level (with extra reading) class (go to for a course description), but the course does not have any prerequisites and, therefore, is open to all existing students and new enrollees alike, whether seeking a degree or not.

Courses at the university are offered through a distance learning program, so the MFC class is accessible online and conveniently available to all students no matter where they may reside. A member of the faculty staff at CLU will serve as the student’s Accountability Partner throughout the course to ensure that all components are satisfactorily completed and that every student receives the most benefit possible from the MFC.

In addition, the four credits earned for the course can be applied toward the attainment of a degree from CLU. Tuition for the course is $320 plus the cost of the MFC materials, but as a special incentive, CLU is currently offering a $200 discount off the cost of tuition. (For first-time students, there will also be a $25 application fee.)

Enroll at and order this course by copying the following statement into the note box at the bottom of the New Student Enrollment form:

“I am ordering the course syllabus for LEA401 The Mental Fitness Challenge and authorizing $120 payment plus S&H fees.”

Enjoy the course!