I Hate Writing So How Can I Journal?

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Mark, I hate writing, and I essentially don’t write. Is there any chance of sending me a paragraph on what you spoke about yesterday on the phone about breaking off any lies, fears of writing, fears of English and resentments toward school teachers, so I could pray through these things and get into two-way journaling? Thanks, Noel

Noel, many of us have picked up a distaste for writing based on unpleasant experiences in school where teachers made writing an odious affair because we couldn’t get the grammar or spelling correct. So now we have some prayer work to do, to repent of ungodly beliefs, word curses, resentments and unforgiveness and spiritual forces which have been attracted to us through all these sins. So let’s get at it.

I Forgive Others…

Pray the following prayer at least once for each person who comes to mind who made writing unpleasant.

I forgive ______________ (picture their face and/or the situation) for making writing an unpleasant experience for me. I choose to release them and honor them and bless them in Jesus' name.

Repeat this prayer for each person you need to forgive.

I Repent for Embracing Lies…

I break off any lies I believe which suggest that I cannot write, or that writing is too hard, or that writing is odious. These are lies of the enemy. I repent for coming into agreement with them, and I state that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I can write. God can write through me, and give me creative, healing and compassionate words of love. I choose to hear these words and record them. Spelling and grammar are not important. This is a two-way love relationship. It is the sharing of love and creativity. Spelling is irrelevant at this point. I am simply recording the joy and ecstasy of two in love. I am receiving God’s creativity, compassion, and healing touch. Thank You, Lord.

I Break Off All Word Curses Spoken Over Me by Myself or Others...

I break off all spiritual forces connected with every negative word I or others have spoken over me about my inability or dislike of writing. These are lies from the enemy, which I now renounce. I accept the truth that I am a new creation in Christ. Old things have passed away and behold all things are new. I can write. I love to write. I am good at writing, because God is with me, and everything I put my hand to do, He will bless.

I command all demonic forces connected with these word curses to fall to the ground powerless. You have no power over me. In Jesus' name, I am set free. Those whom the Son sets free are free indeed. I am free in Christ. All spiritual forces connected with these word curses are now broken, and will no longer affect me in any way. Thank You, Lord! Amen!

I Am a King Who Has Been Commanded to Write…

As God commanded the Kings of Israel to write out a copy of the Pentateuch (Deut. 17:18), God has made me a king and I too will write out that which God is speaking to me. It is a way of honoring God. It is a way of experiencing His revelation more deeply. It is a way of staying in faith for longer periods of time, as I can wait to test it until after the flow of His revelation is done. I choose to be a king who honors Almighty God’s commands and words to me enough to write them down and submit them to others. I choose to write.

I Forgive Myself...

I forgive myself for entering into the above sins. I love and accept myself. I honor myself and I bless myself in Jesus' name. I stand complete in Christ. I am clothed with His righteousness and adorned with His glory and honor. I am spotless in His sight. I see myself this way. This is my true reality in Christ. Thank You, Lord.

I Break Off Demonic Forces...

I come against and renounce any and all demons who have attached themselves to me through the above sins. These include demons of fear and fear of failure, and ridicule and scorn, and doubt and unbelief and inadequacy, which say, "I can’t…” You are liars and I rebuke you and renounce you and come out of agreement with you. I will no longer give you a place. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I can write. I can release divine creativity and healing and power and revelation through my pen, and through my writing. I command these lying demons to leave me now and do not return. You have no place within me. Be gone now, in Jesus' name.

Take a few deep breaths and expel all darkness.

I Receive a Fresh In-filling of the Holy Spirit...

I ask You, Holy Spirit, to take control of these areas where darkness once reigned, and bring the light of God into them, fusing them to Your divine glory! I receive Your fullness, O Lord. Take control of my heart and mind and anoint my hands to write, to Your glory. Thank You, Lord. I receive this fresh new anointing in Jesus' name.

Breathe in God’s divine light and truth. Put a smile on your face. Relax and do some two-way journaling. Make it a daily practice. Let your life be transformed by the light of His glory. Show the world God is alive today, in you and through you to others. Present a living Savior to the world!

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