Monica's Miracle - New Children's Book on Hearing God and Experiencing Miracles

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Monica McKeen shares her story: I grew up in a home that didn’t believe in Jesus.  I never went to church and when I had my daughter she was a miracle child.  I was an addict and almost lost her to Social Services.  But God had a plan and a purpose for me and my little girl. 

I still remember Social Services coming into the hospital because she wouldn’t feed.  She had to be hooked up to a feeding tube and monitored daily.  I still remember the day the hospital sent me home without my baby girl. 

I had to meet with Social Services and I remember the woman looking into my eyes and saying “I  don’t know why I am doing this but I am going to bat for you and request your daughter not be pulled into Social Services.  I have a gut feeling you will be a good mother."

Now, many years later, I am a Children’s/Family Pastor and a part time Missionary with Youth With A Mission.  My daughter is a full time missionary with YWAM.  God knew where I would be and the Mother I would be. 

After a miracle of my daughter out of danger she started to feed and was in my arms and home with me within 7 days.  It wasn’t until she was 3 years old that I got out of darkness and into the light. 

I was a single Mother working and saw an ad at the local Assembly of God church day care called “Precious Promises”.  I enrolled her in the day care and my little girl soon started preaching Jesus to me.  She wanted me to go to church so bad I eventually called the Pastor of the church as I had never been baptized or stepped foot in a church.  His words to me were "God does not care about denominations but He certainly cares about you and your daughter.” 

I attended that Sunday and God read my mail.  I soon signed up for Discipleship Classes at my church and learned how to hear the voice of God through Dr. Mark Virkler’s training.  Everything I ever learned the Lord would have me teach my daughter.  Because I knew even at a young age she too could hear the voice of God. 

I now have a book available on her learning to hear God’s voice and her friendship with Jesus growing up and a miracle that happened in her life.  This book is valuable to every child wanting to draw closer to Jesus and hear His voice.  My daughter is living proof. 

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