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Praying in “One Accord”

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When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord (G3674) in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. (Act 2:1-2)

The Greek word translated “one accord” is “homou” (G3674) and means “at the same place/time.” It denotes a close association or union. In this prayer approach, we are praying in one accord, all having the same focus for the same end result which is the same completed miracle.

God’s word through journaling: “Whatever you focus on grows within you. Whatever grows within you, you become.”

The prayer steps

  1. Gather: Gather together 4-12 in a group. You can be in the same room or in a Skype group.
  2. Select: Ask who would like prayer for a need (physical, emotional, job-related, spiritual, etc.) Don’t worry if you have a need and someone else gets prayed for, for the power of God heals you as it flows through you to others.
  3. Describe: Have the person receiving prayer state specifically what the Lord desires for them as the outcome. The more specific, the better. Describe a picture of what life will look like when the need is met (e.g. Abraham saw millions of stars and that was a vision of God’s promise fulfilled). What will you be able to do? How will you feel? Describe or use a photograph showing this end result, as we want everyone focused on this picture as they pray.
  4. Compassionate connection: Jesus, moved by compassion, healed. The power of the Spirit rides on the wave of compassion. Gather around and each lay hands on the person as you extend God’s light and love to the person. As an internet group, simply release God’s power, healing and light to the person.
  5. Become heart-focused - get in Spirit: Relax, become still, breathe in and out slowly, seeing your breath enter your heart and then leave your heart. Invite the Holy Spirit to be present with His healing power. Tune to flow. See His healing power as light entering your heart with each breath in. (Breath and spirit are the same word in the Greek.)
  6. Release the Holy Spirit: Keep it fun, simple and easy. Keep a smile on your face. It is His power being released as you relax in His presence and extend His love and healing power to another. See the light and energy of God pour through you to meet the exact need being prayed for. Follow the leading of the Spirit. You may sit quietly, pray in tongues, pray in your native language. Whatever the Spirit is leading is fine. But continue to hold the picture of the end result, and keep sending compassionate, loving intentions for healing.
  7. Debrief: After 8-10 minutes, come out of your prayer time and let people share what they have experienced.

Tips on miracle-working faith from Abraham the “Father of Faith”

Tips on forming and functioning in a “One Accord” prayer group

  1. Create a time and frequency for meeting and stick with it. Plan on meeting weekly as a group to pray for the needs which arise. Plan on the same time each week.
  2. If an internet group, have a “techie” person assigned to ensure all connect properly through Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom for the virtual meeting.
  3. Have someone assigned to lead the group.
  4. Keep a journal of prayer results and praise reports!