New Product: Hear God Through Your Dreams Group Leader Bonus Resources

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Everything you need to run a successful home group or Sunday School class on "Christian Dream Interptretation." Wow! Offer this innovative course with Dr. Mark Virkler teaching in your small group by way of DVD, and let your friends learn to receive God's counsel to them through their dreams at night. What could be better? Divine wisdom and perspective, free, every night, from Almighty God -- how could you possibly beat that?!

People are hungry for direct encounter with the Living God. Only Christianity offers this. You can offer it by facilitating this teaching in your home group or Sunday School class. Help bring revival to our nation by bringing your friends into direct nightly encounters with Almighty God.

In this Dreams Group Leader Bonus Resource Package you receive 10 Hear God Through Your Dreams books as well as 50 of the dreams cards to help you get the word out and a CD ROM with lots of resources on it for promoting your group. The retail price for all of these materials is $222.00, but we want to make it available to as many as possible and are offering this package for only $90.00.

In addition to the above package, you will also want to order the DVDs of Mark Virkler's teaching on "Christian Dream Interpretation" as they are not part of the Leaders Resource pack.

The Bible says, "I will bless the LORD who has counseled me; Indeed, my mind instructs me in the night." (Ps. 16:7)

Let's release divine creativity and wisdom by learning to pick up His nightly counsel! Be a part of the solution. Make a diffference! The nation you save may be your own.