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Creating Memorials of What God Has Done

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Memorials are reminders so we never forget what God has done and are constantly encouraged in the Lord. Following is a testimony of a memorial Rebecca Colucci has created in a room in her home. 

My Ebenezer Shelf

There are several times in the Scriptures that God’s people are told to remember Him and all He has done for them.  In 1 Samuel 7 we read how the prophet Samuel chose a stone and set it aside for the nation of Israel as a visual reminder of God’s victorious assistance over the Philistines.  This stone was called “Ebenezer” as it was set aside to remember all that God did for His people (1 Sam 7:12).

Many Christians over the centuries have used this verse to gather their own remembrance stones of God’s faithfulness in their lives when they have had a great need for His intervention. 

One day as I was pondering all that God had done in opening my heart with wisdom and revelation over the years, it dawned on me how much work Holy Spirit had performed in my life.  The Scripture tells us that God has given us His Spirit of Truth.  One day as I was meditating on this verse (John 16:13) I was reminded that we are born in a state of deception, lies, and unbelief which makes it necessary for Holy Spirit to work diligently in our lives to lead us into correct thinking which is Truth.  We so badly need our minds renewed to see things from God’s perspective. It takes a lifetime of repenting (change of mind) to get us fit for Heaven, I believe.


So as I began reflecting on all the revelation that Holy Spirit has dropped into my heart, I wanted to have a way to visually track that.  I believe He led me to assign a shelf in my house to commemorate His faithfulness in leading me into the Truth of who He is and who I am.  As I became more intentional about remembering His work in my life, I began to put on my shelf things that represented the revelation that I received from God. 

For example, I have a crown to remind me of my royal identity as a daughter of the King of kings.  Over the years my shelf has become quite crowded, for which I am very grateful.  This shelf serves as a collection of testimonies of Holy Spirit’s faithfulness in my life.  We are told that Jesus has assigned His Spirit to guide, teach, counsel, and to help us remember all that God has done.  Holy Spirit also helps us understand all that we have been given (our spiritual blessings) because of the finished work of Christ.

I often glance at my shelf throughout the year and am filled with gratitude for the work God has done in my life.  I love remembering all that God has done to renew my mind.  I don’t ever want to forget His work of grace in my life.  My Ebenezer Shelf is a reminder that faithful is God to perfect the good work He began in me (Phil 1:6).  Praise the name of the Lord!

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Building a memorial to seal the victory is one of the keys to experiencing lasting freedom that is taught in Prayers That Heal the Heart.