“How to Keep Your Healing!” By Pastors Jim, Mark and Kiwanda Redner

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Have you ever thought you were healed - but the symptoms return? How do you hold onto the truth of your healing established in the spirit realm when the natural doesn't always line up? I will share with you a few of the keys that God has started to reveal. The Bible says: Give no room to the devil (Matt. 12: 33-35; Eph. 4:27; John 5:14); Stay in an attitude of faith (2 Tim. 3:5); Your testimony is important (Lk. 17:15-17).

Symptoms Re-appearing Because the Root Cause Was Not Removed

It appears to the client that either God didn't really heal, or they lost their healing.  In that moment, the enemy would lie to them, and they may begin to believe this lie.  Too many people lose sight of their healing because they accept the symptoms and thus give doubt a voice.  The reality is that some people are healed right away, and some have to contend to keep their healing.

The re-emergence of the symptoms could be a result of not removing the root cause of the sickness in the first place. You need to explore what you are eating, emotional pain and trauma, unbelief, something that is attached to the condition itself like judgment or unforgiveness, or a door may have been opened to the demonic. Therefore it is very important to get to the root. So we need to ask, "Lord, is there something in my life that has opened the door to this condition?  If so, reveal it to me."  Wait for the answer. Ask for His discernment, wisdom and revelation - so the root can be removed.

An example was when one lady returned for prayer because her symptoms returned.  We asked God to show us the root of the sickness and an emotional attachment was revealed. When we addressed the emotions, her pain left.

Contending with the Enemy by Holding Fast Your Confession

Sometimes people don’t have the stamina to hold onto their healing.  People just get tired of having to combat the symptoms. This is where contending is key!  Don't accept the symptom! The devil wants to take away your healing and if we accept in any regard by pronouncing, "Oh, I wasn't healed" or "It's come back" then we are speaking death into the healing that we received.  

Therefore, rebuke the symptoms. Don't accept them.  Instead declare, "This healing is mine because of what Jesus did."  Jesus' work on the cross covered this. His suffering was for the purpose of our healing.   "By His stripes we are healed" (1 Peter 2:24), and not by our works or lack of works, but because of Jesus finished work on the cross. So we have the right, as a child of the King to declare what He did is for our healing!  We don't suggest anyone ignore their symptoms, but we do have authority in the power and blood of Jesus that we can access!

We have seen many people come for healing, but they are unable to receive because of their own sense of unworthiness or shame.  Knowing that Jesus already accomplished the work removes their feeling of unworthiness.  At that point, they understand that their healing does not depend on what they have or haven't done.  Confessing this allows an individual to grab hold, and keep their healing.

What God gives in the spirit is eternal, whereas symptoms can come and go.  God is eternal and what He gives is eternal. "Heaven and earth may pass away, but My word...” (Luke 21:23).  God made a promise/covenant to the people of Israel. Yet when they saw the giants they didn't enter the land that was promised.   When you are healed, it is yours, God makes a covenant promise in that moment...and when there seem to be giants - the symptoms - what are you going to do?  Do you believe the symptoms or are you believing the covenant promise given at the point of healing? Of course, always remember that if a symptom returns, you should be asking God to reveal to you any root cause of this infirmity that still needs to be removed.

We prayed for a lady on oxygen, with a lung condition and she felt the symptoms leave.  When she went back to her church and told her pastor about the healing, he wouldn't accept it.  He said it wasn't God. It was just emotion and declared it would come back.  She accepted the word and resigned herself to not getting healed.

However, we prayed for another woman who had symptoms return continually. She was taught if the symptoms return, don't accept them. Tell them to go because they can't stay.  She declared her healing and a couple years later gave testimony that every once in a while the symptom would try to invade and she had to contend to keep her healing.  She would rebuke the symptoms when they tried to manifest.  She rejected the "facts" for a greater truth and was able to keep her healing!

Personal Journaling Application Questions

Two-way Journaling Questions: Lord, what do I believe about divine healing?  What do You want to heal in my life (physically, emotionally and spiritually)?  What covenant/promise do You want to give me for healing? Lord, is there any root cause to this infirmity that is still not dealt with? How am I to deal with it? Is there any nutrition I need to feed my body so it can complete the work of restoration? Are there any things on this list You would have me do?

Meditate on Healing Scriptures so You Receive “Illumined Truth”

Jesus said, “My rhemas are life" (Jn. 6:63). This means, “When the Holy Spirit speaks directly into your heart and grants insight and revelation, you are experiencing a rhema (spoken) word from Christ.” We receive revelation knowledge by asking for it (Eph. 1:17,18), humbling ourselves (Matt. 5:8 – blessed are the meek), and tuning to the flow of His Holy Spirit within us (Jn. 7:37-39 - flowing thoughts, flowing pictures, flowing emotions and flowing sensations in your body). You want revelation in two areas: 1) God has anointed and commissioned you to heal and 2) any specific revelation concerning how He wants you to minister healing to the situation before you, including removing any root cause(s). Check out the following: