Would You Like to Breathe Clean Air?

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Twenty years ago I researched home air filter units, and settled on the Austin Air purifier because of its excellent HEPA air filtration unit which lasts for 5 years before needing replacement!

We have owned these for our home and office all these years, and I am still convinced they are the best out there. So we are offering to you four options of Austin Air filters, depending on your needs. Click below to learn all about them! Shipping is FREE!

  1. Austin Air HealthMate Standard (covers 1500 square feet) - Replacement filter here.
  2. Austin Air HealthMate Junior (Covers 700 square feet) - Replacement filter here.
  3. Austin Air Allergy Machine (Covers 1500 square feet) - Replacement filter here.
  4. Austin Air Allergy Junior (Covers 700 square feet) - Replacement filter here.

Breathe clean air, live clean, live healthy!