Freemasonry - How Do I Break Off These Curses?

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Question: I have been working through 7 Prayers that Heal the Heart and God has revealed that Masonry is a spirit that is part of my history from my Dad and grandfather who were both Masons.  Do you have any specific things that I need to consider as I work through this issue towards deliverance? 

Answer:  When Freemasons take their initial vows, they speak several curses over their chest and stomach areas, declaring that if they violate their vows, terrible things may happen to these parts of their bodies.

These curses can and do cause problems for their descendants in these areas. Praise God, they can be broken by commanding the curses to be broken in Jesus' Name. You are then likely to feel a pressure lift off you, as I did when I commanded these curses to be gone from me in the name of Jesus.

There are a number of prayers you can pray concerning breaking the curses of Freemasonry. They are listed here.

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Me 2, i had a normal life, and they came to me asking to join them, because my Granpa was High up, (32nd Degree) at about 21 years of age, and I rejected the offer, I also became a Drug addict, Homosexual, Drunk, Gamble addict, and many more, I then became a christian, I Studied theology, and not even that worked, i ended up in a spirit Filled ministry, that did Deliverance on Me, and My life has never been the same, I would suggest for some of you to also take a blank paper, as a contract, write on it Satan, and burn it, (As the Old Contract that someone in your Bloodline Signed.) and wright a new Contract between you and God, sign it, and put a drop of blood on it, and get a Few witnesses to sign, This Also changed my Life, as for the first few deliverance sessions that i tried, the Demons always yelled at the pastors through me saying, :granpa signed, as to say they have legal right to posses me, when we tried to burn My Old Contract, Normal Paper wouldnt burn, until we prayed, Glory to Yeshua Messiah, and I truly pray that he delivers everyone stuck in this, No One Deserves to go through this Torture. Thank you for these prayers .pdf, I will spread this as far as I can, Hope that is ok? when I started reading one of these prayers again I started shaking on the spot, Remember God Loves you Unconditionally.

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Writing Satan’s name and then

Writing Satan’s name and then burning followed by dropping blood on a paper is witchcraft!! Please tell me where in scripture it says that? Yeshua would tell you, “That is nonsense.” What that is is a pagan practice of bloodletting. Bloodletting=Witchcraft!!!

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I agree it is witchcraft.

I agree it is witchcraft. This will cause continual bondage or even deeper bondage to occultism.

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Do a computer word search for the words "blood" and "covenant."

Two major contracts in the Bible were created with the spilling of blood: The Old Covenant was established in Gen. 15:1-18, See Therefore even the first covenant was not inaugurated without blood (Heb. 9:18). The New Covenant was also established with blood. In the same way He took the cup also after supper, saying, "This cup is the new covenant in My blood; do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me." (1 Cor.11:25)
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Mason curse

My dad was Mason that broke his vows and died for doing it. I was the victim of the curses that followed. First, i was a smoker, alcoholic, adulterer, dope addict, dope cook, ritual priestess in the church of satan, bleeding ulcers, other ulcers, cancer, bowel problems, sexual abuse, violence in the home as a child, sciatica. There may have been more but the curse was broken off of me in a deliverance ministry in a Spirit filled church.. I am a victorious Christian and out to expose the Masons and their agendas that the Holy Spirit has allowed me to discover. My dad was at least a 32nd degree Mason.

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freed from mason curse

i would like to say thank you for your post..
i have been going through a long battle with the mason and a curse that they placed.
I know that Jesus has delivered me, when the Holy Spirit revealed to me what was going on in my life.
I was shock to find out that i had family members that was mason. also to learn that their involvement brought it to me.
I knew nothing of the mason but since my life was turned upside down i learned a lot.
Jesus wants me to forgive them like he has forgave me.
Thanks again, i have to ask God to show me a real true Spirit filled Church.
So far a lot of the church's are connected some how with the masons and i have not received my complete deliverance.
They placed some kind of spirit in me, when i went to the church for help i found that allot are working with them.

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some churches are linked to freemasonary

I tend to agree that some churches are linked to freemasonry, I cant rove it but I find that many churches / congregations avoid deliverance at all costs, I was even forbidden to mention to deliverance or demons at the one church that I attended and yet many members in that church were and are still dying from diseases that are definitely demonic in origin. Almighty YHVH told me to leave that congregation and did so

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Praise God for healing and

Praise God for healing and restoration. GoJesus!!

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Hi Mark, is there a link on your site for a deliverance prayer from smoking? Thank you.

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We do not have a specific link to this topic. I would repent of the sin, Have someone bind and cast out the demons of nicotine and addiction. And I would ask God to cleanse the body of the physical addiction. Memorize verses on the Lord being your strength and your provider (Phil. 4:13). Quote them, see them. Believe them Speak them out loud. Get a friend to be a support/accountability partner. If you fail, repent immediatly, get back up and go at it again. Make it your conviction that winning is the ONLY option.
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Unmasking Freemasonry

Thank you so much for the information on how to pray effectively to get free from freemassonry! Freemassory is such BONDAGE! Bondage that extends into generations! Since there is very little teaching about this we need this kind of imformation that you so freely give. THANKS!!!

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Thank you for sharing all

Thank you for sharing all this information. I find it very hard to find someone who really goes indepth with prayer to break curses etc. I'm in Ireland and i don't know or never heard of anyone who can actually help me with this type of praying. I'm still a baby christian but i'm growing really fast. The Holy Spirit keeps revealing to me situations and areas in my life that need cleansing, and i need someone to guide me through this process. I'm ordering your book Seven Prayers That Heal The Heart, but i still need the support of a mature christian who knows what i'm talking about. Please help me, for the sake of my children and their children too.

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We have several ways we can help. The book and CD's or DVD's on Prayers that Heal the Heart let me teach you through 13 sessions, so in a way you get me as a tutor.

And if you want a Personal Spiritual Trainer, that, too, is available off our website (check

There are prayer rooms here:

For the most in-depth training, check here: