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hear in submission

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Have you ever believed something because you wanted it to be true? Yet these things are not always true. Have you heard others claim that I have spoken to them, but what they claimed to hear sounded self-serving? This can affect you as well. If you come to me with a predetermined answer you are not coming for my answer but want me to validate yours. You face the risk of convincing yourself that I have spoken when I have not. Yet I do speak to you and you have my promise that you will know my voice. This happens in the context of submission and obedience, of a broken spirit and a contrite heart. 


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Hear in Submission

This topic in this blog is exceptionally important to me ....and I am saving money so that I can sign up for the first course in "Hearing God's Voice."

Are comments sent in like this one confidential between you and The Lord and I?

Is there a way of doing counseling through these at a very critiical point in my life?

I would appreciate your responding to me via my email: [email protected]

My personal business has seemingly become a hot topic in many ministries throughtout the country because I have called so many prayer lines because of stressful times and calamaties. It gets very confusing hearing so many people's ministry voices - claiming to be from the Holy Spirit ....and when I had heard a loud singing voice to me (which was very unusual) I am told by some that it was absolutely not the voice of God and others that it is the voice of God when actually to follow it - has brought so much trouble in my life and seeming destruction which also refutes prophetic words which were spoken to me and my christian friend's future through a very relevant ministry which is following the Gospel Revolution of Grace. Your prayers to help me decipher the truth and to remove any/all confusion and fear would be greatly appreciated along with some way of receiving true Christian Counsel. I know that The Lord is also the Mighty Counselor - I need also to be able to have waking time alone w/Him as I work as a Caregiver/Housekeeper/Cook between two households - including trying to find a Gospel of Grace church in the area where I can pay my tithes (which I have been saving up safely on the side) and also wanting time to take CLU courses and also attending a bible school to fulfill God's calling on my life and also clarifying His wishes for my destiny to be fulfilled - and also wanting to help my father and mother in their elderly/needy state even more so without devastating this household, financially/helpwise and not putting them in another state of emergency either.

Your time and confidentiality is appreciated. I really wish to be removed from a state of seeming paralysis.

Love in Jesus,
Bonnie D.
Mobile Phone: 978-855-0112