Which Law Does God Say Is Most Important?

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The following is lifted from Pamela's final paper for the Communion With God Course she took with Christian Leadership University. It is used with her permission.

My journaling is a reflection of the changes in attitudes I have experienced as a result of taking the Communion With God course.  I will never forget the “attitude adjustment” the Lord gave me one morning when I saw a lady cutting roses from our condominium complex - which is against the rules.  My attitude was one of judgment, and the Lord quickly turned that to compassion by giving me insight into her heart.  

Walking my dog and talking to Jesus...

Pamela - I am too critical of people, Lord.

 Jesus – It’s “those laws.”

Pamela – Yes, it’s those laws in my head that I hold everyone to (including myself) – that standard. 

Jesus – It’s not that there are no laws, it’s that the laws should never supersede the love.  The love is what governs life, not the laws. You think that I hold you to the laws, but I hold you to the law of LOVE.  Laws are external, but love is internal. When you hold people to only what they should “do” you are not allowing them to “be.”  It is who they are that should matter to you, not what they do.

Pamela - FOLLOW UP:  The next morning while I was walking my dog, I came upon a woman who was cutting the roses at the entrance to our clubhouse.  My mind immediately judged her by the “law” of “she should not be cutting our roses.”  Then, it was like a switch was turned on in my brain by the Holy Spirit to show me who she is – not what she does.

Jesus - She is a woman who loves flowers and the beauty of them and who wants to treasure that.  Perhaps she is alone and is never given cut flowers (you can relate, Pamela) and just longs to have some of their beauty in her home. Can you feel her longing, can you sense her guilt over having been caught doing something that should bring her joy?

Pamela - Wow! That was such an immediate answer to my prayer!  I was overwhelmed not only by the love of God for me to show me how to be free from judging, but I was overwhelmed by His love for her!  This is utterly awesome!  My heart is profoundly touched by this!  I am moved to tears.

What about you? Has there ever been a time when the Lord has spoken to your heart and given you a supernatural attitude adjustment? What was the result? Please share your experiences with us in the comments below. We love hearing how God is working in the lives of His people!



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Which Law Does God Say Is Most Important

I have experience God's insistence on the matter of walking in love and not by any other law! The Lord has consistently reminded me of 1st John Chapter 4.7, "Beloved, let us love one another; for Love is of God; and everyone that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God." It is clear, there can never be an authentic expression of His beauty, glory apart from this!!!

Martin Silutongwe
World Vision

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I used to work in a maximum prison (school) for boys, ages 13 to 21. As a group they were all prisoners, "flat stanleys" fit into cookie-cutter molds, etc., but as I worked 1-on-1 with many of them, things became different. I began to know them, their insecurities, sadness, fears, angers and frustrations. And their facades. They "fit" into the environment of the society around them (that's all they knew), and the behaviors of that society landed them right into prison, aligning themselves with the prison already in their hearts/lives. For many it seemed like all they had to do was just shape up, do what normal people do and their lives would improve. Yet hiding behind this tough façade were scared boys, lonely boys, hurting boys and unloved boys. Jesus sees into the deeper things in our lives and hearts. Working one-on-one with many of them, I saw a face and a heartbeat and an opportunity to share the love and compassion of Jesus in a dark place.

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Freedom from racial judgement

I recently taught in an inner city school for the summer. There God healed me of residual racism that I knew was buried deep within. I went in with lots of fear, and left with lots of love.