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This book was written by Steve Long, a close friend and one of the senior leaders at Catch the Fire in Toronto, Canada. Steve asked if I would write two-way journaling questions for the conclusion of each chapter, which allows God to speak directly to each reader about their faith. I was more than thrilled to comply, so here you have it! Explore the feats of biblical faith, letting God speak to you about expressing His faith out through your life and into your world. Quite an unbeatable combination, wouldn't you say?

Chapter Titles of The Faith Zone

1 What Faith Is All About 
2 Faith to Trust God for Provision 
3 A Centurion’s Great Faith 
4 The Little Faith of the Disciples 
5 The Faith of Four Friends 
6 The Faith of the Haemorrhaging Woman 
7 The Faith of the Blind Men 
8 The City Without Faith 
9 The Disciple With and Without Faith 
10 The Woman with Great Faith 
11 The Faith to Move Mountains 
12 Jesus Lived by Faith 
13 Fears and Faith, First Cousins 

APPENDIX 1 How to Hear God’s Voice by Mark & Patti Virkler 
APPENDIX 2 The Faith Process Chart 
APPENDIX 3 Photos of Capernaum 2

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