All He Wants is You -- All of You

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My Lord speaks: “Dance with My love. Allow Me to romance you. I am your sure foundation under your feet. I am above you in My glory cloud. I am in you. My glory is in you. I am in you, you are in Me. We are one as My Father and I are one. I have longed for this degree of intimacy with you from the beginning of time. As your spirit delights to be in My presence, Mine delights to be in yours. I wait for you. I adore you. All I want is you – all of you, that I can give you Me – all of Me. You cannot be who I created you to be until I have all of you. Now that I have all of you, I am molding, shaping, forming, preparing, equipping and positioning you to be released into your destiny. It won’t be long.”

Jesus starts to laugh.

“What is it, Lord?” I ask.

“My plans are perfect. I rejoice in their perfection. Things are lining up just as I have instructed them. Together you and I will impact this generation. You have only but tasted the power of My Holy Spirit. I am preparing and equipping you to move in more. You are growing in your familiarity and comfort with the things of My spirit. Every day I am giving you more – bit by bit. But soon the increase will be multiplied. Do not be afraid. I am with you. This is My perfect plan for you and your generation. Where you end and I begin will no longer be distinguishable. My River of glory cannot be contained. My glory will fill the earth one yielded vessel at a time. People are looking to you. They see Me in you. I am in you. Let My light so shine. Let My glory so shine. They are coming.”

[In my mind’s eye, I see several prophetic people laying hands on me and imparting their anointing to me.]

“You have but tasted the power of the Holy Spirit. I am equipping you. Much more is coming. I have much more to give you. Together you and I will impact this generation and change the landscape.”

I see the earth shifting and moving. I see rough places leveling out. Places the River has been flowing around are being washed away by the River.

“My River cannot be contained. Nothing can stand against the power of My Holy Spirit. Allow your flesh to be washed away by My flow, that My flow flows through you – My words. My life. My love. My POWER. Remain yielded to Me, connected to Me at all times, that out of you flows nothing but My River of living water.”

I see my flesh, the shell of my skin, literally separate from me and disappear in the River. It was washed away. It is gone. Previously I have seen myself wrapped in His glory and I was the same color as His glory. Now I am shining brilliantly like I have seen Jesus shine. His glory cloud is shining above me. It is the brightest most brilliant color – like nothing I’ve seen in the natural. It is every color, but no color. It is perfect light.

“In Me there is no darkness.”

I am touching His glory cloud and I am the same color as His presence. I hear Jesus laughing.

“Behold, this is My daughter in whom I am well please. Let My light so shine. Let My glory so shine.”


NOTE FROM MARK VIRKLER: The call God has given to Tara to touch the world with the anointing of His Spirit is the same call God has placed on each of our lives. May we all become increasingly more intimate with Him, thus allowing an ever increasing flow of His Spirit out through us to touch His world.


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How to Move Into Intimacy With Jesus

Your encounters with Jesus refresh my spirit when I read them. He is teaching me to prophesy bit by bit. The deepest longing of my heart is to share an embrace with Him. What does it take to reach the place that things like this happen? I'm like that deer panting for water, longing for His presence.

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All of You


As I read this blog my spirit leaps in excitement for you, for myself, for all people. You are His yielded vessel - obedient to share boldly for Jesus. An example of "His Kingdom Come" - you are truly living Heaven to Earth. Thank you for sharing your encounters with our God. I sense God calling me to pray for you today that He is going to pour His favor on you in the area of strength. In that, you not grow weary but increase in a supernatural energy. I pray that this energy extend physically, emotionally and spiritually. God bless you and your family as you continue to honor Him and share with the world His great and amazing love for each of us. In the loving name of Jesus ~ Amen.

Woohoo ~ you go girl!

Suzie from PA

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Response to "All of You"


Thank you so much for your prayers and words of encouragement, Suzie! I am discovering that when I remain in Him and the flow of His Holy spirit, everything is supernatural – supernatural things happen all around me. I hear Jesus' words spoken through my mouth. I see Jesus touching people I interact with. Miracles happen in people's hearts. People are set free. It is exactly as you say. I am strengthened and energized supernaturally. My time is multiplied. The contrast between abiding in Jesus, versus striving in my own strength is literally night and day. Oh, that we would all be taught by the Holy spirit to abide in Him – to enjoy true Spirit to Spirit communion with Him – to remain in Him – that His Lifeforce would flow through us to resurrect and revive our dark and dying world. This is my heart's cry. This is the cry of Jesus' heart. But it all starts with us! Lead us into all Truth, and all Righteousness, Lord. Let it be! Let it be! 

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I need this intimacy

Dear Tara, I had God's glory and Presence in a very close way for some years. Then I fell really hard out of a great sadness that came along just when I was expecting a very real visit from the LORD as He had told me. Now it's been years later, yet I've never left the church because I knew my hope and salvation was/is in the LORD. I stayed in church and in touch with God even during and after my fall.

I hear God's voice and get a lot of revelation these days, but the purity and sweetness of His voice and Presence these days has never been matched with that previous time period of His perfect presence and when His voice was so pure and real. I was definitely abiding with Him then. Now it seems so patchy. I've searched my heart, yet things that I had overcome then, and lost, are still a struggle today. Before, I could fast for 3 days, a week, many days. No problem. The Lord had given me dominion. God blessed me and my family. Yet today I'm not being filled somehow. Something is missing, victory to some degree, even though I claim and proclaim it. My family still suffers too in many ways. They were children then and believed for miracles and received them, even revelations from the LORD. That's what hurts the most. That's where my pain is. I think it may even be where the blockage is. Have you insight where I seem so blinded? God bless you. Your testimony certainly blesses me.