Bad Attitudes = Bad Health

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Disease often begins with dis-ease in our hearts, so do whatever it takes to master the art of living in faith, hope and love. You cannot establish health in your physical being if you are not walking in faith, hope and love! Note what the opposites of faith, hope and love do to your health (these sins of fear, despair and anger are three of many sins which one can fall into):

  • Fear damages health (Lk. 21:26). Note that fear increases heart attacks fivefold.
  • Hopelessness/despair/depression damage health (Prov. 13:12). Note how depression affects you and damages your health.
  • Anger damages health (Eph. 4:26,27). It suppresses the immune system and makes you ill. However, the simple act of watching a video showing compassion builds the immune system.
  • Stress damages health. Here is an amazing link on a recently concluded study which shows that stress caused reductions in the amount of gray matter in parts of the brain that control physiological and emotional functioning. This includes the area of the brain that regulates not only emotions and self-control, but physiological functions such as blood pressure and glucose levels. Talk about confirming the biblical truth that we are to be anxious for nothing and in everything give thanks (Phil. 4:6; Prov. 17:22; Phil. 4:4)!

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