Help! I Have Trouble Seeing Vision!

The following series of questions can help you if you are unable to see vision. These questions will help discern the cause of your inability to see, and help you begin receiving.

  1. Start by establishing if you can see at all.
Can you picture your living room couch?
If your answer is yes, go on to B below. 
If your answer is no, you must discover why you have cut off the visionary capacity. Generally people have done so for one of two reasons: 1) to avoid the sin of lust, or 2) to cut off an unpleasant reoccurring visual scene. If you have done either of these, you need to repent for rejecting and ignoring your visual ability, and pray for God to heal and restore it. You must then receive prayer counseling ministry to heal the issue(s) that led to this decision. Ask yourself: Was there ever a time in my life that I was able to see visions? If so, at what point did I cut it off? Why? Pray:  Holy Spirit, please show me any event or any reason I have cut off the visionary capacity in my life. Tune to flowing thoughts, and respond to what you are receiving by applying the appropriate prayer ministry (e.g., repentance, inner healing, deliverance, renouncing of ungodly vows to no longer see). You should break off all spiritual forces of blindness that got connected to you through the ungodly belief, and inner vow, and then tell the demon of blindness you hate it and command it to leave you in Jesus' name. Others can pray this deliverance prayer with you also. You are likely to feel the spirit of blindness leave, and experience a renewed ability to see with the eyes of your heart. Check out this blog: I Only Saw Blackness But Now I Can See.


  1. If you can see your living room couch, then go on to the following:
Can you picture Bible scenes? If so, then do so each time you meditate on the Word. This is a way of strengthening the eyes of your heart.
Can you see Jesus in the biblical scenes? If not, then pray and find out why you have cut off vision of Jesus. This is usually because of teaching by the Church that it is wrong to visualize Jesus because it is a graven image. Repent and state the opposite, which is that the Bible teaches that we are to fix our eyes upon Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:1,2).


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