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Grace Is His Power Effectively Released in Me by Ian Wilkinson

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I once attended a church where grace was rumored to mean that we were alright even if we never obeyed God. Grace meant God was cutting us slack. He knew we would sin so He lowered His standards of acceptance. We were saved by grace not by works so - why bother doing any works at all? I found this definition hard to reconcile with John 1:14.

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A Safe Ministry to Channel 100% of Your Gift to the Ukraine Church

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If you are looking for a safe place to give money where you know that 100% of it will go to ministries in Ukraine that are helping refugees, then I have the contact information for you. It is Don and Myrna Paprocky who head up Glory Power Ministries and currently live in Jacksonville, Florida. Don’s parents are from Ukraine, and Don has many relatives there. Don and Myrna have been missionaries in Ukraine, so they have many ministry contacts.

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The Church Need Not Fear the Rise of Evil Men as God Will Deal with Them

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God has promised to deal justly with mankind. God’s covenant blessings and covenant curses relate directly to those who hear and obey His voice, or don’t hear and obey his voice (Deut. 28). These promises are extensive and touch every area of our lives either lifting us up or destroying us, and they are re-affirmed to us through Jesus Christ: “As many as are the promises of God, in Him they are yes; therefore also through Him is our Amen to the glory of God through us” (2 Cor. 1:20).

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Marriage in the Kingdom Age - New CLU Course

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Whether you are single, engaged, a newlywed, or celebrating your 65th+ anniversary, this course offers insight into God’s purpose for marriage.  We are entering into a season known as the Kingdom Age where we are to pray down the Lord’s Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  It is important to know God’s purpose for marriage and how to live within His covering as man and wife.  Another important concept is to understand more fully the meaning of God’s grace and its role in our marriage.   

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Jesus Warns Religious Leaders They Are Not Heaven Bound

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What a scary concept, that religious leaders are not going to make it to heaven! Here is what Jesus said: "For I say unto you, that except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven" (Matt. 5:20). 

Two things come to mind: 1) I don't want to be a Pharisee; 2) I don't want to be shepherded by a Pharisee.

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I Believed the Lie That I Should Test Spiritual Experiences Against My Theology

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It sure seemed clear: Theology is what keeps us on the right path. So any new thing that comes along I should check with my theology to see if it lines. up. Could this be a wrong approach to living life? Since theology is yesterday's insights codified, does this approach keep me bound in the box of yesterday's revelations? Is this why religious people stoned the prophets (Matt. 23:34; Acts 7:51-53)? Is this why revivals die out? Is this why those who were part of the last revival so often react against the next revival God ushers in?

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Under What Conditions Would I Seek Out the Counsel of Spiritual Advisors?

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People are imperfect. They have their own agendas and fears and goals. I have heard many horror stories of authoritarian pastors damaging people’s faith as they abused "their" authority. Some have told their people that God doesn't speak today nor does He give dreams or do miracles. I even had one young lady in my class who was told by a prophet who she had to marry! One person who spoke to me had quit journaling because his pastor told him God wasn't speaking. Wow! We know what Jesus' thoughts are about those who damage a child's faith (Matt. 18:6 - better to be drowned).  

"I don’t mind submitting to God, Who is perfect, but to submit to people? No way! I wouldn’t submit my life to the counsel of any other person. It is my life and I am to take control and responsibility for it. Besides, others do not understand me well enough to have that kind of authority in my life. People are imperfect." I used to believe the lie that I should not trust the counsel of others.

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Living with Jesus Complete Set

Living with Jesus Complete Set

by Daphne Kirk | 8 books

The Living with Jesus series is a unique, exciting  and transformational discipleship course for children, taking them through the fundamentals of the Christian faith in a relational, interactive and challenging way, always applying to their lives the commands to:

Love God

Love One Another

Love the Lost

Price: $77.95

On Things Above

by Murray Dueck | 232 Pages

On Things Above by Murray Dueck is an amazing book of 52 prophetic activations. I have hungered to see such a book as this for many years. It is one thing to be prophetic yourself; it is another to teach someone else how to become prophetic. Murray will teach you how to be more prophetic.

Price: $20.00
Operations Manual

Operations Manual

by Mark and Patti Virkler | 134 Pages

We have helped hundreds of churches establish Schools of Ministry or church-centered Bible schools over the last 25 years. This manual draws together insights and approaches for how to do it easier, faster and better. Enjoy as you build on the success of those who have gone before you.

Price: $69.95
Overflow of the Spirit - Book Cover

Overflow of the Spirit

284 Pages | by Mark Virkler and Charity Kayembe

Mark and Charity have teamed up again to write a book on how to easily manifest the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. It took us several years to break through all the confusion and present a clear, simple understanding of how to release the nine-fold manifestation of the Holy Spirit everywhere you go and with everyone you touch. It is not hard! It can’t be since these are gifts of the Holy Spirit, not things you have to work for.

Price: $15.99

Playtime with Jesus

Helping Kids Know God | Jessica De Krijger

The goal of this little booklet by Jessica De Krijger is to help young children, ages 3 and up, learn how to start hearing God's voice for themselves. It is never too early to teach your children that they can hear from God. They are primed to do this. God's Spirit is urging them to come to Him. So reinforce this call with this beautiful full-color booklet which you can read to your children. Discover more at the Playtime With Jesus Website.

Price: $4.00

Playtime with Jesus workbook

by Jessica de Krijger

This workbook has a coloring book feel that kids love. Children as young as 3 years old all the way up to 10, can start hearing and seeing Jesus for themselves every day. It's easy and it's fun! On each page of this book, Jesus invites your child to come and enjoy a different activity with Him. As they play with Him, they get to know Him, His heart, His character, and most of all His humongous love for them. The goal of this workbook is to help lead your child into a deeper, personal relationship with Him.

Price: $8.00


by Mark and Patti Virkler | 82 Pages

This book is similar in format to Through the Bible, except that Psalms are meditated upon paragraph by paragraph, rather than chapter by chapter (as are the rest of the Bible books in the full text). For those seeking an intensive examination of the book of Psalms, this text is for you.

Price: $7.95

Release from Religion Study Guide

by Tracy Hansen | 100 Pages

This workbook accompanies the book 49 Lies - Religious Lies Jesus Told Me to Stop Believing, providing an extended scriptural meditation of the 49 themes discussed in the two-way journaling found in that book. The two books may be purchased together here.

Price: $10.95
Restoring Health Care as a Ministry

Restoring Health Care as a Ministry

by Mark and Patti Virkler & Dr. Reuben DeHaan | 201 Pages

Contrary to the secularized health care system of the western world, the Bible establishes health care as a ministry which falls under the jurisdiction of the priests:

"And THE PRIEST shall look at the mark on the skin of the body, and if the hair in the infection has turned white and the infection appears to be deeper than the skin of his body...he shall pronounce..." (Lev. 13:3).

Price: $19.95

Rise Up

by Michael Whate | 227 pages

This amazing 40-day journey will explore 40 ways you can encounter God! It introduces you to such topics as experiencing salvation, and welcoming the Holy Spirit. Then on to encountering the Father's love, experiencing forgiveness, hearing God's voice, two-way journaling, spiritual warfare, the law of sowing and reaping, prophecy, speaking in tongues, expectant faith, receiving dreams, experiencing revival, physical healing, inner healing and renouncing the occult.

Price: $14.99


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