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God Has a SWAT Team by Malachi Talabi

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Malachi Talabi shares: I had a dream and, in the dream, I had a vision.

I was praying and in a picture in my mind, I saw a fly swat, swatting flies.

In the dream, I knew what it meant and got up and started to exhort a congregation.

I said, “Don’t play with your prayers! Prayer is like a fly swat – the Devil is Beelzebub and he is the lord of the flies. You may think your prayers are powerless, but they work like a fly swat. They destroy the enemy’s plans.”

I woke up and journaled this.

Lord, what about this fly swat thing. Lord, what are You saying to me? Here’s what I heard:

“People need to be reminded about the power of prayer. You see, you’ve seen what Paul has seen in his day – a perfect picture of spiritual warfare.

First, the lord of the flies releases things into your atmosphere. I showed you the fly swat to show you how insignificant these flies are – they are little flies. That’s what the demonic looks like. Hollywood has sown a lie; they make the devil and evil spirits seem bigger than they really are. The evil spirits are like flies – small and insignificant and can be dealt with easily.

Hard to believe right? Well, it’s true. Especially with the authority that I’ve given you. You have a fly swat called prayer to deal with such things.”

The next day the word SWAT leaped in my spirit and here’s what flowed in my journal:

“There is a heavenly SWAT team. Yes, there is a unit that I release when I have assignments on earth. Jesus could have asked Me and I would have released the SWAT team!

So just know that you are protected and there is a SWAT team in heaven, ready to defend and protect My people when necessary.

They are like the Justice League (from Marvel comics). I am that intelligent and there are many similarities between the realm of heaven and things on the earth.

Lastly, SWAT stands for Secret Weapons And Tactics

The Bible says that the secret of the Lord is with those that fear Him! Yes, I do release My secret weapons and tactics to My people. These secrets help them win financial wars, relational wars - in fact, you name it I have a secret for it! But I release these secrets through prayer and intimacy. You have seen well but don’t stop there.

Use your fly swat.

Release the SWAT team.

And come after secret weapons and tactics!”

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